man, suddenly snapped his fingers and said:

“I am the security guard of Blackthorn. What do you mean? I have something you want to entrust.”
Perhaps he had heard about the uninhibited behavior of the “mercenaries”, but the tall and thin man was not angry at being insulted, but instead breathed a sigh of relief.
He watched Leonard sit down and organized his speech:
“My name is Kelly, and I am the butler of the tobacconist Mr. Vicroll. His only son, Little Elliot, was kidnapped this morning. We have called the police and received enough attention, but Mr. Vicroll Don’t worry yet, I hope that through the channels of your mercenaries, er, security personnel, and your understanding of Tingen, we can investigate from another direction and ensure that little Elliot is safely rescued.”
“If you can find the place where the kidnapper is hiding, Mr. Wickroll is willing to pay 100 pounds in reward. If you have a way to successfully rescue young Master Elliot, he is willing to double the reward and give you a one-time payment of 200 pounds. ”
Leonard Mitchell smiled leisurely and said:
“Mr. Wickroll seems to only want us to find the place where the kidnappers are hiding, otherwise he will not think that his only son is only worth 100 pounds, and the tobacco merchants who have close relations with the southern plantations will not only get 200 pounds.”
“No, Mr. Vicroll is just an ordinary businessman, not a rich man. Moreover, he believes that the police department is more professional when it comes to rescue.” The old butler Kelly answered calmly.
“Okay, no problem.” Leonard snapped his fingers again.
His green eyes looked at Luo Shan and said:
“Beautiful lady, please go and draw up a contract.”
“Don’t always think of yourself as a poet. In fact, you can only recite other people’s works.” Roxanne was used to taunting each other with Leonard, and she forgot that there were guests present.
Of course, Blackthorn Security Company doesn’t care about the client. It’s good to have one, but it doesn’t matter if there isn’t one.
/Roxanne left the reception desk and entered the clerk’s office, where a clicking sound immediately sounded.
The corner of Klein’s mouth twitched when he saw it, and he felt that they were really unprofessional.
There is no standard, ready-made contract
“It’s such a sad thing”
“What’s even more sad is that I am in such an unprofessional company.”
/While he was running around with ideas, Lorna drew up a contract that was so short that it only had a few clauses, and asked the butler Kelly and Leonard Mitchell to sign it respectively.
After Keli stamped it, she took the contract, entered the accounting office, and asked Mrs. Oriana to get the seal of “Blackthorn Security Company”. This seal had almost no effect. Dunn usually left it to Oriana for safekeeping. If you encounter Sunday, give it to Roxanne and others.
“Waiting for your good news.” After receiving one of the contracts, the butler stood up sharply, took off his hat and bowed.
Leonard did not respond and remained silent for more tha