he Shadow Corps allowed them to see David’s terror with their own eyes.

After arriving on the Lenka planet, they received news from the Yake star one after another, and every piece of news made them unbelievable.
First, the Red Fire Mercenary Group was destroyed, and then the Blue Ice Mercenary Group was destroyed, leaving the two weapons masters no longer dissatisfied with becoming David’s men.
Becoming a subordinate of a strong man is a very normal thing for mercenaries who value force.
“Serve Master David!” The two weapons masters stood up and said in unison.
“Sit down. You should be familiar with the intelligence organization. Everything will be handled by you. The intelligence organization is similar to the previous Shadow Mercenary Group, except that we do not accept mercenary tasks from external parties, but simply sell information. This is my I made a plan, see what’s wrong with it!” David said while sending a document to the two weapon masters through his identity bracelet.
The two weapons masters opened the file and read it carefully.
“Master David, this plan is very good, we have no objection!” The two weapon masters exchanged glances and then said.
David’s plan only provided directional guidance, and the two weapon masters were left to handle the rest. This gave them great authority, and they naturally had no objections.
“You each share 10% of the intelligence organization’s income. If you do well, I will collect some resources for you that will help you break through to the extraordinary!” David is not stingy with his subordinates who have absolute control.
Masters Alva and Healy looked at David with gratitude in their eyes. Extraordinary achievement is the dream of every soldier.
The intelligence organization’s income and David’s promise both show that David does not mean to suppress them, but rather hopes that they can become extraordinary.
“You can dispose of the resources on the three spaceships and use them as start-up funds!” David finally ordered.
Masters Alva and Healy left with smiles on their faces, seeing hope for the future.
In the afternoon, David drove a hover car with a customized exoskeleton armor to Master McIntosh’s design studio. He got out of the car at the gate and was greeted by Assistant Jonson.
“Mr. David, the master has done everything and is waiting for you!” Assistant Jonson stepped forward with a smile and saluted respectfully.
Assistant Jonson took David to Master Mackintosh’s office and left on his own. He knew that Master Mackintosh valued David, so he did not stay like other visitors, but went to serve him. Mamoru prepares drinks.
“David, you haven’t contacted me for a while!” Master McIntosh said with a smile, and pointed to the sofa next to him, motioning for David to sit down.
“I left Lenka recently and didn’t come to visit you!” David responded with a smile after sitting down.
/“Come here with the exoskeleton armor. Is the exoskeleton armor inappropriate?” Master McIntosh asked, pointing to the exoskeleton armor loading box that David put down.