education I received told me that hard work and struggle are for a big house, floor-to-ceiling windows with sufficient lighting, more than three servants, your own garden lawn, silver or gold-inlaid tableware, and decorations. Dinners full of delicious food, dances with melodious music, etc., etc.

The newspapers and magazines I read also told me over and over again that only when you have enough respectability can you be called the middle class, the backbone of this kingdom, and be elegant, outstanding, not vulgar, and have character. , a person who possesses both compassion and knowledge.
At the same time, they also told me what decent is. Decent means a beautiful skirt, clothes matched according to different occasions, expensive skin care products and cosmetics, exquisite and fashionable women’s handbags, a concert, and an afternoon tea. , a party full of style.
And this switch is gold pounds, gold pounds, and gold pounds.
/It must be admitted that it is everyone’s instinct to pursue a better life, but when every aspect a girl can come into contact with tells her so, and when the mainstream thoughts of the entire society are decent, refined and elegant, what will she think? It’s hard not to be affected.
I don’t know what this phenomenon is called. I only know that if all this does not change, tragedies like mine will inevitably continue to occur, more and more.
And at that time, someone will definitely yell:
“Look, these money-worshiping girls, they sold their souls!”
Subconsciously, I turned my head and looked out the window, seeing the beautiful and prosperous world, and the bright red blood flowing in this world.
“Miss Tracy, are you listening to us?” A voice brought me back to my thoughts, coming from the young policeman.
I smiled at him and didn’t tell him that I was thinking about some philosophical issues just now.
It’s ridiculous that a gold digger who sold her soul would think about such boring things while being questioned by a police officer.
The policeman nodded and said to me:
“Miss Tracy, you will be preparing to go to court, and we will arrange a lawyer for you.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t leave that witness, only a confession. This is quite detrimental to you.”
/“It’s okay.” I said to him calmly.
I will work hard to defend myself, and I will frankly repent for the crimes I committed. I only hope that I can have a new life in the future.
I thought for a moment, raised the corners of my mouth, and said to the two police officers:
“While I’m waiting to go to court, can you borrow some books from the library for me?
“Well, “Social Trends of Thought and Educational Phenomena”…”
At this moment, I saw that the two police officers were a little confused, and a little, well, shocked.
I sat at the bottom of the mottled long table and heard Miss Judgment talking about Utopia.
After she finished speaking, I looked around and said in a low voice:
“It’s a ritual.”
As expected, I saw Miss “Judgment”‘s eyes freeze to a certain extent, and I felt that Mr. “The Hanged Man” and Miss “Justice” were