d things to pay attention to in setting up an entertainment company.

d things to pay attention to in setting up an entertainment company.
When Wang Bo saw the girl in his arms, her eyes lit up and her expression became focused and serious, he told her everything he wanted to know about how his wife’s cousin got rich in the previous life, what specific work she did when she first met her. I told Su Mengyao what difficulties she had encountered so that she could have a general understanding of the road to business performance and avoid detours.
/“Meng Yao, you can’t do anything with three gangs of heroes, even if you are a college student without any work experience. In this way, I will find two partners for you, and the three cobblers will be better than Zhuge Liang. , three controllers, no matter how difficult it is, if the three of us face it together and find a solution together, it will not be a difficulty! By the way, at the beginning, I will sponsor you with a start-up capital of 300,000 yuan!”
Su Mengyao did not expect that Wang Bo would actually He was surprised and delighted that he would sponsor her 300,000 yuan. He was overjoyed and said at a loss: “Zian, I can’t ask for your money. Besides, 300,000 yuan is a lot of money. What if I lose money?” What should I do?”
“We can’t lose! According to what I said, the dance team will start from among the students, and the training venue will be borrowed from the school’s practice room. At most, we will buy dozens of sets of clothes. You can find bargains on Taobao, and the things inside Although the quality is not great, there are many styles. Let’s make do with it for a while, and then we can make better quality clothes when we make money later. The cost of the clothes is estimated to be 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.
“Then there is the car, I will sponsor you The main purpose of the three hundred thousand is this. The guests of the commercial performance must be scattered all over Shuangqing, and they may have to go to nearby suburban counties. If you don’t have a car, it is not cost-effective and troublesome to rent a car to transport you team members. Just buy a business car. I think Chrysler’s Grand Voyager is good, it’s spacious and comfortable, and suitable for long distances.
“Others, such as building a website and printing business cards, are all small money.
/“That’s all the basic expenses. How much money can I lose? Your greatest asset is your team of players who can dance. But the team members are all students, so they don’t need to pay wages. They just pay for each game. It is very difficult for ordinary school students to make money and they have no way to find a way. If you can help them make a few hundred yuan of extra money every month, they will be grateful to you before it is too late. Even if they can’t make even a dime, they still have to pay extra to buy clothes for aerobics. One or two of them can dance like crazy. If they dance two or three times, they can get dozens of dollars, and the host will even treat them to a big meal. , do you think they are willing? ”
Su Mengyao felt relieved after hearing th