he girl’s ear, and whispered:

he girl’s ear, and whispered:
“Linlin, from now on.” , you can be my girlfriend. However, our relationship must be kept secret for the time being, and we cannot let others know, especially your sister Yanzi, do you understand?” I
finally said this. Happiness was like an overwhelming ocean, overwhelming Luo Lin in an instant. She trembled and stammered: “I will follow the senior’s arrangements.” ”
Then follow me with peace of mind. I won’t treat you badly.”
Wang Bo just hugged her, including the one who is hugging her now. At that time, Luo Lin’s hands had been placed neatly in front of her belly, not daring to move. Now, she could finally free her hands and hug the boy she liked and admired. Luo Lin closed her eyes, put her hands around Wang Bo’s back, and said emotionally:
“Thank you, senior! I really like you, senior.”
“I like you too, Linlin. But, you You just said thank you to me, so how are you going to thank me?”
“Ah” ”
How about you thank me like this?” With that said, Wang Bo put his mouth to Luo Lin’s ear again and whispered inaudibly.
Before he finished speaking, Rowling in his arms started to tremble as if shaking.
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If Luo Lin hadn’t thought about meeting Su Mengyao, Wen Xiaohan, and Gong Jing later, Luo Lin who came to her door automatically would definitely not have been able to escape Wang Bo’s clutches that night. After finishing second base and carving his own mark on many places on the girl’s body, and the girl in his arms was shaken to the point of collapse, limp as mud, and almost suffocated by his eighteen martial arts skills, Wang Bo used his great perseverance to , stopped continuing to explore the little secretary’s body.
/He stretched out his hand and started to button the girl’s buttons. First there was a metal buckle on the girl’s back, then several plastic buttons on her front shirt. The hem of the skirt that he had lifted up in desperation was also rearranged.
Finally, Wang Bo held the red-faced, panting and weak girl in his arms, kissed her, laid her down on his bed, and smoothed most of the girl’s wet hair around her ears with his hands, tenderly He said:
“Linlin, I have something to do. I have to go out soon. I won’t be back tonight. You can rest here and take a bath. If you don’t mind the smelly sweat on my bed, you can sleep here for one night. It’s okay.”
/“It’s okay, senior, I’ll go back to the dormitory after a while.” Luo Lin opened her bl