disadvantage against Duncan who was going all out.

disadvantage against Duncan who was going all out.
In the tiebreaker, he made 6 of 17 shots and his 16-point performance was obviously not up to standard.
Just coming back from injury and not feeling well can be used as excuses, but he knows that the lack of low post singles ending that Sun Hao said during the season is the most critical.
He will work hard this summer to develop the “Golden Rooster Independence” that Sun Hao said.
At that time, we will really win back next season as Sun Hao said!
/At the end of the game, the Mavericks lost to the Spurs 79-91 and ended up in the Western Conference semifinals with a score of 3-4.
Finley scored 21 points, Sun Hao and Nowitzki each scored 16 points, and Nash had 10 points and 6 assists.
For the Spurs, Duncan played 40 minutes and scored a career-high 41 points in the playoffs, plus 15 rebounds, 7 assists, 7 blocks and 3 steals.
After the game, the fans stood up and applauded, cheered and whistled for the home team.
Although they failed to win against the Spurs in the end, the Mavericks performed well enough.
The process has been wonderful and the future is worth looking forward to.
Feeling the enthusiasm of the fans, led by Sun Hao and Nowitzki, the players all extended their hands to applaud the fans and bowed in thanks.
It has to be said that Cuban has really cultivated enough loyal fans for this team.
Not only cheering together when we win, but also applauding when we lose.
After the game, before going to the press conference, Nelson went to the locker room to say some words of thanks to the players.
“We will be back next season.”
At the end, he said firmly.
This time he raised his hands into fists as a coach.
The team members also put their hands on him one after another.
the Mavericks players shouted the team slogan together at the end of the season.
After the game broke up, Nelson took Sun Hao and Nowitzki to the post-game press conference.
At the press conference, reporters asked a lot, not only about tonight’s game, but also about the team’s summary of the season.
“We have gone through transactions, run-in, and have reached this point. My players are all the best players.” ”
Although Nelson is crazy and authoritarian, he is really a good coach.
I believe we will go further next season.”
Nowitzki was persuaded by Sun Hao and also released Confidence was shown at the meeting.
“Whatever cannot defeat you will eventually make you stronger.”
Sun Hao repeated what he had said before.
It’s just that the meaning of this sentence is different in different circumstances.
This sentence is more like an expectation for the future.
They will not be knocked down by this loss. They will become stronger next season and, as Nowitzki said, go further.
After the reporters’ questions, Sun Hao, Nowitzki and Nelson left the press conference together.
When they came out, the three of them were in a good mood.
Although we have lost now, the future is worth looking forward to.
At this moment, Nelson