ook at the familiar door and walked towards Iron Cross Street.

This is good, this is good, the things I will do in the future will not involve them. The pension provided by the Nighthawks Squad and the police department will definitely be enough for them to live a stable middle-class life. Even if Melissa does not find a job, Ben Mori is also unemployed
After walking silently for a while, Klein began to feel tired. However, as a “dead person”, apart from the clothes he was wearing, the citrine pendant, and the Azik bronze whistle, he had no other items, including gold. Pounds, including solers, including pennies.
“Should I blow the brass whistle and send a letter to Mr. Azik, asking him to come to my rescue quickly?” Klein laughed in amusement, “Forget it, don’t contact him for the time being, maybe because Zangwei I’m still observing him secretly, waiting for the right time to find him again. As an old monster who has lived for life after life, for thousands of years, he should be able to understand such things as resurrection from the dead. Well, it’s not too cold tonight, whatever. Find a place to sleep for a while, and go to the Tingen branch of Backlund Bank tomorrow morning to withdraw the money from my bearer account.”
Because there have been too many things recently, he has not had time to do the follow-up experiment of “sacrifice”, and the 300 gold pounds in the bearer account are still intact.
“This is enough to support my expenses for a long time. I will buy a newspaper tomorrow and confirm what day it is. Miss Justice, they have no new prayers coming in, which means I haven’t missed the party yet,” Klein thought as he looked for I found a corner sheltered from the wind, sat down, took off my coat, covered myself with it, and fell asleep with my back against the wall.
Not long after he slept, he was suddenly woken up by someone and saw a policeman holding a short stick.
There was only a “v” on the epaulette. Klein, the lowest police officer, glanced at it and confirmed the identity of the other party.
/The police officer said viciously:
“Can’t sleep here”
“The streets and parks are not a place for you lazy bums who don’t want to do anything to sleep.”
“This is a provision of the Poor Law”
Really? Klein was stunned for a moment, but because of his sensitive identity, he didn’t argue with the other party.
He took his coat and walked on the street again until dawn.
Soon, he lowered his head and entered the Becklandingen branch where he opened the account. He used the preset “password” to withdraw 200 pounds in cash. He kept the remaining one-third of the “deposit” in the account as a precaution. Accident
When writing the ancient Hermetic incantation as the password, Klein undoubtedly heard the “call of prayer.”
Next, he spent a total of 38 pounds to buy two sets of formal suits, two shirts, two pairs of trousers, two pairs of leather boots, two bow ties, four pairs of socks, and two sets of double-breasted woolen coats for winter. Two solid-color sweaters, two pairs of thick pants, a walking