s kind of excitement that breaks through the constraints of ethics and morality.”

s kind of excitement that breaks through the constraints of ethics and morality.”
Wen Liang’s forehead hurt, and he said: “Isn’t it true that Yehe can also be involved in ethics?”
“Why not? Think about it, what a sacred place the radio station is. It appears in our lives on time three times every morning, noon and evening, ranging from current affairs to gossip. , from prose to music, how many days and nights has it accompanied us, and how many lonely and helpless souls have it been comforted? If only we could find a moving body there, and then we could hum together, imagining that such a sound would come from The loudspeaker spread throughout the campus. Among the people who heard it were your teachers, your roommates, and your classmates. Doesn’t that feeling break through the constraints of ethics and morality?”
/Wen Liang was completely convinced and said: “Okay, then, let’s just get rid of the position without any pain and be done with it?”
“Otherwise? Can we still be expelled? If it gets out, it will be a big scandal. The school is eager to let the matter go. It’s best for students to transfer to other schools and leave. I heard that it would be a big scandal. Liu Qi recently took a sick leave, and he probably won’t have the shame to come back. And that senior sister is due to take the college entrance examination in a few days, so get out immediately after the exam.”
Wen Liang frowned and said, “This is weird, look at Liu Qi’s behavior You don’t look like the bold and unrestrained people. Are you too courageous?”
“What’s weird about this? Some people are just wilted and bad, and their appearance is full of deception. It’s not like our brothers who are the same on the outside. Brother Wen, you are just too kind.”
Ignore Ren Yi boasted, Wen Liang thought for a moment and asked: “Which senior sister is who?”
Ren Yi said a name with a lewd smile, Wen Liang nodded and said: “It’s her, no wonder.”
This girl Wen Liang I’ve heard of the famous bus from No. 1 Middle School. She is really beautiful, especially her skin is so tender that it will hydrate when pinched. He is considered Beimi’s senior, but his record is much more brilliant than hers.
If it were her words, Liu Qi’s nonsense would be justified. Wen Liang stopped thinking about it and asked casually: “Is there any other big thing?”
“There is one more thing. It’s not a big thing, but I don’t think you will be happy to hear it. ”
Ha, let’s hear it.”
“Gu Wenyuan may be the next director of the radio station!”
Wen Liang suddenly raised his head, with a strange smile on his lips.
/Life in high school is actually relatively monotonous. Apart from the three points and one line, the only things that can arouse everyone’s enthusiasm and attention are the student union and the radio station, which can be called official organizations. The student union is mainly responsible for assisting the Political and Education Office in attendance and inspections. During morning exercises, evening exercises and self-study in the dormitory, and after lig