esses did not dare to come over and ran upstairs to call for help.

esses did not dare to come over and ran upstairs to call for help.
“Since I said I don’t know each other, it means molesting women in public,” Wen Liang asked calmly, “Zhihe, what do you think this is?” Liu
Zhihe understood that Mr. Wen was playing dirty tricks again, and said “You have to ask my dad about this, but I guess the sentence will start at least three years.”
“It’s only three years. It’s really an advantage for them.” Wen Liang took out his cell phone, handed it over, and said, “Send it to your dad.” “Police, let’s see which police station is closest in Dongcheng.”
Liu Zhihe chuckled. He had never approached Liu Tianlai when he was causing trouble outside. Firstly, he didn’t dare because he was afraid of being beaten; secondly, it wasn’t serious enough. Dad needs to step forward. In conflicts like this, he usually just takes action. If he can fight, he will defeat the opponent on the spot. If he can’t fight, he will find an opportunity to call more people to retaliate. How can he dare to trouble his father?
/At this time, Jin Lianzi also woke up from the heavy blow, and struggled to get up, but was firmly stepped on by Liu Zhihe. He was also a little timid. Facing the shiny glass thorn, he kept yelling loudly in his mouth. He scolded:
“Pretend, keep pretending, it’s amazing to have a broken mobile phone. When the public security bureau is run by your family, you molest women when you say you want to molest women, and when you say you come to the police, you come to the police? Damn it, do you think I’m scared by you guys?” I’m here, do you know who I am? Beat me, all of you!”
When the surrounding diners saw that there was going to be a disturbance, they all started to hide away. The tables and chairs kept clattering, and the hall became a mess.
At this time, several people hurriedly ran down from the second floor and shouted from a distance: “Public Security, stop!”
Of course Wen Liang didn’t expect that by grabbing the gold chain, he could make more than a dozen people from the other side wait until the police station dispatched the police. Liu Zhihe was talking nonsense just to delay the time for the people from Barbecue City to come forward. There are girls here tonight, and he doesn’t want to really fight. If someone hurts someone because of his lack of care, even if he hangs up and beats these guys who don’t look like students and don’t look like ruffians afterwards, what’s the use?
I didn’t expect that someone from the Public Security Bureau would be dining here. It couldn’t be better!
“Stop, let’s separate, let’s separate.”
Several people intervened between the two confronting groups and separated them. One of the young people saw Liu Zhihe, the boss’s mouth opened, and said: “You, you “Yes.”
Liu Zhihe realized that he had met someone who knew him. He laughed, threw away half of the wine bottle in his hand, kicked the gold chain, and said, “Get out!” The
gold chain rolled and crawled back among his people, At this time, two more people came over. One was the manager of t