r, he whispered weakly:

He stood up slowly and carefully looked at the mutilated body several times:
“I can confirm that he is Detective Zerrell.”
“I’m sorry.” Klein responded politely, “I suggest you call the police.”
“Yeah.” Ian nodded slightly and followed the other person back to the ground.
At this time, Klein clapped his hands:
“My mission ends here. It’s up to you to decide what to do next.”
Ian was silent for a few seconds and said:
/“I still owe you three things, you can tell me now.”
“Actually, I just want to do one thing for the time being.” Klein replied calmly. “I want to know where I can get a gun and bullets without a license for all types of weapons.”
Ian said almost without thinking:
“In the Backlund Bridge area, at Iron Gate Street, at the Brave Bar, go to Kaspar Scanlinin and tell him that he was introduced by the old man.”
“Okay, let’s talk about the remaining two things later. I have a hunch that we will meet again.” Klein nodded pretending to be relaxed.
Ian glanced at him and remained silent, saying nothing.
The two of them separated and walked towards different streets in the East District. The remote place became silent again.
After walking for a while, Klein suddenly turned around, returned the same way, then hid in a hidden corner and peered at the entrance to the sewer.
After waiting for two or three minutes, he saw Ian return quietly and looked around warily.
Klein withdrew his gaze in time, leaned his back against the wall, and listened for the sound.
He heard the grinding sound of the iron cover being removed, and heard someone climbing down.
Cautiously sticking his head out, Klein found that Ian had re-entered the sewer.
There are clues or a certain item hidden on Zerrell’s body. The fruit of this matter is really deep. He nodded thoughtfully.
Having satisfied his curiosity, Klein stopped staying and really left, planning to find Kaspar Scanlinen again in two days.
Afternoon tea, Viscount Graylingt’s home in Queens.
The door to the study room was closed tightly, completely separating the four people inside from the outside guests attending the salon.
“Hugh, Forsi, this is the reward you deserve.” Audrey, wearing a light yellow dress with many lace decorations, pushed a bulging envelope to the two ladies opposite the desk.
Xio wanted to say something polite, but her hand quickly grabbed the envelope and felt the weight of the money.
She could only say sincerely:
“Miss Audrey, thank you for your generosity. Your integrity makes you more beautiful.”
As she spoke, she had untied the thin thread on the envelope and saw the banknotes inside.
They were uniformly colored banknotes with a gray background and black stripes. They were thick and exuded a special ink scent, a refreshing ink scent.
“10 pounds.” Xio took out one and confirmed the denomination. Forsi, who seemed lazy and didn’t care about money, came over at some point.
This, at least observe the thickness and try to figure out how many there are in total.
She couldn’t help but look at Forsi an