y sister-in-law. Tell her that you are playing with the detonator, and you are extracting DNA samples from the detonator that can explode at any time.”

No wonder she is confident, she really has a “handle” in her hands.
Han Bo didn’t want to be “tied up” when he went back later, so he slapped the table several times: “Comrade Li Jiaqi, don’t forget that you are a public security policeman, and you must have the minimum awareness of confidentiality. The 01.01 case is still under investigation, and it has nothing to do with the case. Everything related is confidential. Even if the case is settled, details related to this case are not allowed to be disclosed without the permission of the superiors.”
Are you afraid of the confidentiality discipline?
Who would have thought that the once-famous “Han Strike”, the dignified “Level 2 Hero Model of the National Public Security System”, and the “Young Marshal” of the Nangang City Public Security Criminal Police Detachment would be afraid of his wife. Li Jiaqi smiled, put away the note and said: “Han Team, I try my best not to violate confidentiality rules.”
“What do you mean by trying your best? Disciplines are disciplines and must not be violated.”
A girl who was originally quite quiet suddenly became so difficult to deal with after she and my wife became best friends. The ink is dark, Han Bo touched his chin and urged: “Let’s go, go crazy, set a date to call me, not only me, Wei Detachment, Political Commissar Qian, instructor, Chen Daquan want to fight, it’s best to do it” To be more formal, each person will send an invitation.”
/Ordinary police officers have to make up for their time off. There is a pregnant woman at home who is like a national treasure, and the deputy detachment leader also needs to make up for his time off.
After sending away Li Jiaqi, who was immersed in love, Han Bo packed up his desk, said hello to the instructor on duty today, put on his computer bag, stopped a taxi at the gate, and hurried back to the place where he had been “absent” for six days. s home.
We can no longer call this place home, it’s like a construction site.
All the tiles on the exterior walls were pried off, and not a single window from the first to third floors was left. After the demolition, there were holes. The entire previous roof was “lifted” off, and scaffolding was erected around the house. The yard was filled with construction debris, and the outer walls of the yard were lined with dismantled doors and windows. It was a mess, as if we were back at the scene of an explosion at the offshore engineering group’s infrastructure construction site.
There are quite a lot of people working, seven or eight carpenters are on the roof, three or four workers are installing new windows, small workers are mixing cement slurry, and a few bricklayers are apparently demolishing the back fence and planning to build a new fence as requested by the hostess. New tiles will be laid later.
“Mom, where can we stay at night after it’s broken down like this?”
When her son fina