u go back to the store, I’m on board.” He strolled towards the queue. The tail end of the boat slowly moved onto the ferry.

u go back to the store, I’m on board.” He strolled towards the queue. The tail end of the boat slowly moved onto the ferry.
After a while, the ship’s engine made a roaring sound, and it slowly left the port under the escort of a small warship, riding the wind and waves towards the depths of the sea.
Standing on the bow of the ship facing the sea breeze, Zhang Lisheng’s eyes unknowingly saw the huge and thrilling outline of New York’s New Harbor.
When you get off the ship at the port, you will still be greeted by the bright and eye-catching large billboards; the noisy crowds of people of all colors; and the deafening announcements of cruise ships and cargo ships arriving at the port. I felt this familiar modern civilization for a while. Breathing, the young man followed the flow of people and walked out of Xingang Ferry.
/Just as he was about to stop a taxi, a man in black robe suddenly appeared. A mysterious man whose face was covered with a cloak blocked his way, “Sir, the end is coming, God loves the world.” He forced a bright leaflet into his hand, turned around and walked away without saying anything. .
/Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a moment and looked at the piece of paper in his hand. He saw a huge black steam engine emitting billowing steam on the front. In the steam, a bunch of earthlings with distorted faces were struggling in pain with their teeth and claws. The title on the head was in bright red. There is a line of eye-catching short sentences written in colorful handwriting. ‘The end is near’.
On the back, there is a wonderful scene of the Garden of Eden with green trees, fresh fruits, barbecue and wine. A group of happy people are strolling in it, with a few words on their heads, ‘God so loved the world’.
Needless to say, this is a new sect that took advantage of the success of the ‘Calradors’ invasion of South Africa and took advantage of the doomsday rhetoric to rise, when the ‘different world’ first appeared. There used to be dozens or even hundreds of them popping up like mushrooms after a rain, but now there are only a handful of them still alive.
Looking around, he found that there were many cloaked men in black robes handing out flyers. Zhang Lisheng shook his head with a smile and crumpled the paper in his hand. He threw it into the trash can, stopped a taxi and got in.
Unexpectedly, before he could reveal his destination, the Indian taxi driver with brown skin and big nose curled up his tongue and said: “Sir, your blasphemous behavior is not good. You
will receive terrible retribution at the Doomsday Judgment.” !”
“Really? Thank you for reminding the driver, please go to the nearby LS factory?” Zhang Li ignored him. Said with a wave of his hand.
“Okay sir.” The philistine Indian driver, whose body smelled faintly of curry, did not refuse to serve him because he had different religious opinions with the young man. However, looking at his nonchalant look, he kept mumbling in an upsetting manner along the way. The greatness of ‘Doomsday Apocalypse’.
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