‘s, the feeling it gave to the listener was different. Clearly very different.

‘s, the feeling it gave to the listener was different. Clearly very different.
Even Wang Ning couldn’t help but be stunned, and then said: “Let’s wait and see.”
Imagine countless earthworms burrowing in from the feet down, twisting and turning their bodies crazily, drilling into you like dirt. The flesh and blood then continued to drill upwards along the narrow passage that was drilled out, and kept drilling and twisting. Either drill into your bones and continue to drill upward from the inside of the bone; or drill through your skin and then drill back into your flesh and blood from another place all the way up, and up again
/, those countless earthworms are While boring into your flesh and blood, they will continue to split into more earthworms, or merge into thicker earthworms. They treat the flesh as very, very fertile and soft soil, drilling in, drilling out, and drilling in again. , they never want to leave, they just make a home in the body. When they are happy, they drill twice, and when they are unhappy, they drill twice again! !
After drilling through the five internal organs, it burrows into the six internal organs, then burrows along the throat, and then burrows up. The dull, dark and moist flesh is squeezed out of your esophagus and out of your mouth, enjoying the fresh air; and Or, they want to feel whether the brain is more comfortable to drill than other flesh and blood, so they continue in groups, either along the spine, or through the roof of the mouth, or from the nasal cavity, or from the eyes, and then
” This kind of pain, this kind of pain hurts so much!!”
“Why can’t you give in, you idiot!”
“You can’t give in!!”
There are flesh bugs all over the body, some big, some small, some long, some short, Those fleshy bugs are smooth and covered in shiny, disgusting mucus. They are as disgusting as you want. It was these things that made Yin Kuang almost miserable!
Suddenly, Yin Kuang punched the ground!
The concrete floor was left with a punch mark as big as a bowl!
Another punch!
Another punch!
The ground that was originally intact and flat was filled with depressions and pits by Yin Kuang’s punch after punch.
This time he hit his head on the ground and the ground cracked!
Then he hit his head against the wall and the wall cracked!
“Roar ah ah ah!!!”
This sound was already like the roar of a wild beast in the narrow alley, under the dark night, spreading out in waves
until I don’t know how long it took. After a while, maybe For a long time, Yin Kuang lay on the ground like a dead person, his whole body stained red with blood.
Yin Kuang, who was almost mentally broken, suddenly received the following “prompt” at the moment when both feet were about to step into the gate of hell.
“Tip: ‘Rookie Student’ Yin Kuang injected the semi-finished G virus, and the ‘Resurrection of the Dead’ effect was activated, and you were successfully resurrected!” ”
Tip: Because the ‘rookie student’ injected the semi-finished G virus, unknown mutations occurred