en Kenny’s extraordinary third-grade heavy ax came into contact with the forelimbs of the ‘Phantom Millipede’, the third-grade sniper bullet shot into the ‘Phantom Millipede’. ‘s left eye.

The left eye of the ‘Phantom Millipede’ was shot open without any defense at all, and green blood and black eye tissue spattered.
The third-grade sniper bullet did not stop in the left eye of the ‘Phantom Millipede’, but continued inward along the left eye and entered the brain at the gap between the eye frames of the ‘Phantom Millipede’ skull.
This time it was not slightly damaged like last time. Level 3 sniper bullets rolled in the head of the ‘Phantom Millipede’, causing chaos in its mind.
Then the third-level sniper bullet penetrated the head of the ‘Phantom Millipede’, shot out from the back of the head, and flew away from Dunbar’s extraordinary body.
Dunbar, who was under attack, waited for the third-level sniper bullet to fly away from his side. Only then did he react, and was so shocked that he broke into a cold sweat.
/Kenny’s extraordinary heavy chop was in contact with the forelimbs of the ‘Phantom Millipede’. At first, the forelimbs were still resisting. Just when he wanted to withdraw the heavy ax and launch the attack again, the forelimbs under the heavy ax suddenly went soft.
Kenny Chaofan would not let go of this opportunity. He pressed down with his third-grade heavy ax and hit the ‘Phantom Millipede’ head hard.
However, he did not attack again because he found that the ‘Phantom Millipede’ had no signs of life.
Beecher’s extraordinary spear also pierced the heart of the ‘Phantom Millipede’. Similarly, he also found that the target of his attack died one step earlier.
“David, the target is dead!” Kenny said on the channel after seeing the brain tissue flowing out of the left eye of the ‘Phantom Millipede’.
David put the custom-made large-caliber sniper rifle back behind his back, stood up and ran towards the ‘Phantom Millipede’.
The third-level Zerg killed three days ago was a ‘Giant Pincer Fire Bug’. Shadow Warrior absorbed its soul, but only gained an ability that humans cannot use, ‘Fire Control (Talent, not up to use conditions)’.
Because ‘Flame Control (talent, not up to use conditions)’ requires flame energy in the body to be used, at least David has not heard of anyone with flame energy in the body.
This time, the ‘Phantom Millipede’ does not seem to be as good at fire energy as the ‘Giant Pincer Flame Bug’, but is good at close combat.
David is very much looking forward to the ‘Phantom Millipede’ being able to provide him with practical abilities.
“David, are you worried that we are greedy for your gains when you come here in such a hurry?” Dunbar Chaofan couldn’t help but smile when he saw David running over anxiously.
“Don’t worry, the harvest this time is not small!” Kenny Chaofan also continued.
David laughed as he felt Shadow Attendant sucking a soul into his body.
“Don’t worry about your allocation, just exchange it for points for me!” David said with a smile.
/“I will give you three