open their eyes.

open their eyes.
The reality is that Wade’s breakthrough is indeed very good, but he was actually very embarrassing in the draft.
He is 1.93 meters tall, a breakthrough shooting guard, not good at organizing offense, and has poor shooting ability.
Just from this description during the draft, you know how risky it is to select him.
There are countless cases of such players failing in the NBA.
Moreover, he only participated in the draft after his junior year, and he is considered a standard “older rookie” according to the draft standards.
In history, the Heat’s selection of Wade was also a big gamble, but they finally won the gamble.
If you go back and ask Riley to think about it more, people may not continue to choose Wade.
Therefore, Sun Hao feels that the possibility of the Cavaliers selecting Wade is not high.
So, it’s Milicic, Bosh, Yi Jianlian and Kaman.
Four big guys who all look incredibly talented.
Sun Hao looked at Yi Jianlian and saw that the latter looked a little nervous.
Although the Cavaliers did not give him any draft commitments, and even the draft predictions did not put him in this position.
/But just like everyone expected to be the No. 1 pick, everyone expects to be the top three pick in the draft.
The Cavaliers finally chose Milicic!
This choice is acceptable.
In this day and age, if you don’t know how to choose, then choose a big man!
Not only is it the trend of the times, but also because relatively speaking, the probability of losing a big man is the smallest.
Especially in the era when centers begin to wither away, if I have you but not you, then I will have a great start.
Sun Hao was not surprised either.
The parallel imports in history, except for a few like the Raptors who drafted “Brazilian Durant” who were sure to steal at first sight, most of them were afterthoughts.
No team’s scouts are free of charge, especially with the development of information, the information held by each team is getting closer and closer. If you don’t choose me, I will.
Milicic’s physical talent is the best in this class, and so is his potential.
Sun Hao’s thoughts at this time were similar to those when he saw Anthony before.
Historically, Milicic was the second overall pick and went to the Pistons.
That Pistons team was strong and already a championship contender. Milicic didn’t get many opportunities in those two years, and then the famous “Brown wastes rookie” meme was born.
But as for the Cavaliers, they are full of waste and have a core player like Ricky Davis. They are the team with the most opportunities in the league.
Whether Milicic proves that he is actually capable, or whether he still can’t perform despite changing teams like Kwame Brown before him, the answer will be available in one or two seasons.
When Milicic took the stage, not only Cavaliers fans were present, but other fans also gave a lot of cheers.
The Milicic Sun Hao came into contact with was that he became a fat man after being depressed in the NBA, and then went back to boxing.