pee in his hand with a look of helplessness on his face. The ‘Long Sword Mastery’ he had practiced had reached 67% of the perfect level, and he could be considered a long sword master.

But the third-grade epee in his hand was not of the same category as the long sword of the Interstellar Federation. The long sword of the Interstellar Federation was a light weapon and was famous for its lightness.
The third-level epee is a heavy weapon. This weapon can chop, slash, stab, and tease. The epee blade can even be blocked. It can be said to be an extremely comprehensive weapon, which is very similar to the Interstellar Federation standard. The swords don’t have much in common.
If he fights with a ‘sharp epee’, he can only use his own understanding of the epee and use a small part of the ‘long sword mastery’ skills. In this way, the combat effectiveness of using the ‘sharp epee’ will be greatly reduced.
“What a happy trouble!” David thought to himself as he asked the Shadow Attendant to put away the ‘sharp heavy sword’.
David put his hand on Shadow Warrior’s shoulder again, and then a large amount of soul energy poured into his soul, and rain and mist appeared again above his soul fortress.
This soul energy rain and mist disappeared as quickly as it came.
David asked Shadow Warrior to bring up the attribute panel. On the attribute panel, his spirit increased by 0.03, reaching 7.14.
“Shadow Warrior, list the knowledge orbs obtained this time separately!” David commanded Shadow Warrior with his heart.
Then, three knowledge light balls floated out from the cluster of knowledge light balls that looked like stars.
/Among the three knowledge light balls, one is white and two are green. David focuses his attention on the white knowledge light ball, ‘Energy Armor (Secret Technique cannot be used)’.
When he saw the ‘Energy Armor’, David was still happy, because it was McClure’s extraordinary secret skill that blocked his attack at that time. If he hadn’t activated the ‘Power Overlap’ talent, it would have been possible for that one to kill. Out of action.
‘Energy Armor’ can add a layer of defense to the user and reduce the number of attacks received.
It was just the unusable explanation that made his happiness disappear before it appeared on his face. He still had many unusable knowledge light balls, most of which were because his own strength did not meet the requirements.
I’m afraid this is the same situation with ‘Energy Armor’. According to David’s understanding, the energy required for ‘Energy Armor’ should be extraordinary power. At least you must master extraordinary power before you can learn ‘Energy Armor’. .
‘Piano (99% perfect)’, this is the knowledge light ball of the top master, but this ability makes David a little bit dumbfounded.
Just like the ‘Cooking (99% Perfect)’ ability he obtained before, if a transcendent loves a certain occupation, he can practice that occupation to the extreme.
This is related to Chaofan’s own spirit that is far superior to ordinary people, as well as his super strong body. Th