vid had the authority over two small worlds, the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ and the ‘Fire God’. With a thought, a space door opened between the two small worlds.

The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ received David’s order and walked into the small world of the ‘Fire God’ through the space door.
“I’ll excuse you and enter my space first. I will take you through the Great World Barrier!” David said to the two gods.
The ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ and the ‘Fire God’ accepted David’s guidance and entered the ‘Artifact Space Card’.
David also left the small world of the ‘God of Fire’, opened a space wormhole leading to the ‘Safe Point of the Zerg World’ outside, and walked into it.
The ‘Zerg World Safe Point’ is now open in the underground base of the Zerg World’s Home Planet. David emerged from the underground base and once again used his ‘Breaking Sky’ talent to come to the surface of the Home Planet.
He released the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ and the ‘Fire God’. Today’s home planet is no longer desolate. Although it has not been completely transformed, most areas have the prototype of a green planet.
The ‘God of Fire’ and the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ stood in the main world. They clearly felt the suppression from the main world. This was not a big world belonging to gods.
This is not surprising to them. There is no living space for gods in the big divine world, otherwise they would not have to hide in the small world and dare not show up.
The ‘God of Fire’ and the ‘Mother Goddess of the Forest’ are not used to the feeling of standing in the main world, which makes them extremely insecure.
Coupled with the suppression of the main world, their strength has been greatly affected.
Just as the God of Fire and the Mother Goddess of the Forest were observing the situation on their home planet and flying behind David, they heard a dragon roar, followed by multiple dragon roars.
“Sir, there is a giant dragon!” The ‘God of Fire’ expression changed and he shouted hurriedly.
/The ‘God of Fire’ had fought against giant dragons back then. He knew the terror of giant dragons, especially a god like him who used the innate ability of fire. He naturally had a huge influence on god-level beings like giant dragons with extremely powerful defenses. limits.
“I’ve seen the Dragon King!” The golden dragon Alfred was extremely fast and had already appeared in front of David when the ‘God of Fire’ screamed.
Like the two gods, the golden dragon Alfred also became smaller in order to cater to David.
Even though the dragon body was only four meters long, it still put a strong pressure on the ‘God of Fire’. If David hadn’t been here with the ‘Divinity Contract’, he would have turned around and fled.
However, after hearing the greetings from the golden dragon Alfred, the ‘God of Fire’ was stunned, and the ‘Forest Mother Goddess’ on the side was also stunned.
The ‘God of Fire’ shook his head in disbelief. Could it be that there is something wrong with his ears since he has not been out of the small world for a long time?
/“Golden Dragon Alfred, what’s t