ervice team were observing the movements of Soldier Harrington’s team from the front.

“Boss, why don’t you join forces with the special service team? That way we can kill the ‘Hunter Mantis’ king faster!” a soldier in the Soldier Association team asked.
“What do you know? The intelligence said that the special service team had a big battle with the ‘Hunter Mantis’. The ‘Hunter Mantis’ suffered huge losses. At this time, the king of the ‘Hunter Mantis’ and its race were at their most vulnerable. The special service team could not defeat it. We, the Soldiers Association, can easily deal with the enemy. I am afraid that the special service team will lose face in Na’an City in the future!” Although Harrington had the core idea of ????the King, he still used the overall situation to explain his actions.
“What the boss is saying is that the special service team is too arrogant in relying on its law enforcement power in Na’an City. We will severely attack their arrogance this time!” Another soldier from the Soldiers Association said.
Just as they were talking, they had arrived at the place where the special service team had fought before. The corpses of the ‘Hunter Mantis’ here had not been collected. The corpses of more than a hundred ‘Hunter Mantis’ made the soldiers of the Soldier Association gasp. Cool air.
Even Harrington was frightened. From the intelligence, he knew that there were more than 20 soldiers from the SWAT team. He thought that the ‘Hunter Mantis’, which he thought could be dealt with by more than 20 SWAT team soldiers, could also be dealt with by them.
Not to mention the three large shield warriors he specially borrowed, plus the large shield warriors in the original team, the configuration of the four large shield warriors is not as good as the unprepared special service team armor scholar.
But when he actually saw the scene after the battle, he no longer had the confidence he had before.
/There were more than a hundred ‘Hunter Mantises’ killed here alone, and together with the ‘Hunter Mantises’ that were withdrawn, the number reached a terrifying level.
Harrington began to regret and hesitate in his heart, wondering whether to return and join Helena’s soldiers to carry out the mission together.
When he returned now, all his face had really been thrown to the ground. The harsh words he had just spoken were as heavy as he himself was.
“Ah!” Just as Harrington was struggling, a shrill scream sounded on the communication channel.
“Kohler was attacked!” Before he could ask, a soldier reported to him.
Kohler was one of the two reconnaissance soldiers. Harrington immediately looked in the direction of Kohler’s investigation. In that direction, he vaguely saw a vague figure.
This blurry figure rushed towards another reconnaissance soldier like lightning.
“Lambert, be careful!” Harrington yelled.
But his warning had no effect. At the same time as he shouted, Lambert’s body, which was retreating, was split in two from the waist.
Lambert, who was cut in half, did not die immediately and could only