, and his body was slightly aroused by the murderous intention.

It was this meal that prevented ‘Wind 11’ from evading David’s heavy axe. This was David’s favorite owl’s head, and ‘Wind 11”s head flew straight into the air.
“Monster!” James murmured.
David’s opponent this time is his old rival, and his strength is definitely better than his.
But even such a powerful soldier was defeated in one blow in front of David and had no power to fight back.
David himself also felt that his strength seemed to have improved. He didn’t look at his attribute panel after he went back yesterday, but now he felt that after more than 600 battles, his master-level heavy ax Complete mastery.
His mastery of heavy axes was the result of the merger of the knowledge of two masters of heavy axes. The theoretical knowledge supported his mastery of heavy axes to the mid-to-high level of master level.
The unscrupulous fighting in the virtual world allowed the two heavy ax masters to completely integrate their heavy ax mastery with their bodies.
If put in reality, unless it is a life and death battle, David will not be able to use it at all. It is not easy to find an opponent for master-level heavy ax mastery.
/This is the role of the military virtual world. Soldiers can get familiar with combat and master their own abilities here. David also truly feels the benefits of the military virtual world.
It seems that because the preliminary matches of the two-person team between David and James were too fast, Skynet did not arrange David’s individual match, but randomly selected opponents for the two-person team match.
In subsequent battles, James never insisted on attacking first, and David ended the battle quickly every time.
A total of six battles took place, and the preliminary match between David and James was over.
“Invincible, I’m going to chat with my friends. You can participate in the solo preliminary round by yourself!” James waited for the preliminary round to end and immediately left anxiously.
I don’t know whether it was Skynet’s intention or luck. In the next six individual preliminary matches, David met four challengers who had fought against him, and the results were the same.
When the four challenging warriors saw him, they all chose to admit defeat. The other two preliminary opponents were even worse. They were all junior warriors. David didn’t even need to activate ‘Ultimate Speed’ and ended the battle casually.
Instead of spending much time in the warrior virtual world, he was more concerned about level three enhanced meat.
So after he left a message to James, he directly exited the military virtual cabin, left the military club, summoned his own hover car and returned to the villa.
On the military forum, a new round of discussion about ‘invincible’ began again.
/In other words, the discussion has not ended since the appearance of ‘Invincible’ yesterday, but tonight the soldier nicknamed ‘Wind 11’ once again set off a climax of discussion.
“Who is ‘Invincible’?”
This issue attracts the most attention of all sol