the entire forging process on the server, if the server could 100% simulate the forging process of ‘extraordinary materials’, then there would be no failures.

In fact, when using ‘extraordinary materials’, many accidents may occur at any time.
When inspecting the extraordinary energy contained in the ‘extraordinary material’, only one type may be found, but only this extraordinary energy accounts for the majority of the ‘extraordinary material’, and there are also some ‘extraordinary materials’ that are the main body of the Zerg. Other extraordinary abilities and energies are also included.
This makes the ‘extraordinary material’ very easy to trigger reactions with other extraordinary energies in the ‘extraordinary material’ during the forging process. Once the scale of the reaction exceeds a certain limit, the forging will fail.
In fact, this success is due to Master McIntosh’s good luck. Although he has just become a forging master, he was still a master of exoskeleton armor design before, and his experience with materials is far beyond that of a new forging master. .
On the other hand, there is also the reason why the ‘Stone Skin Worm’ is the king. The ‘Stone Skin Worm’ king has too few extraordinary abilities, which makes the extraordinary abilities contained in the ‘extraordinary materials’ purer than other ‘extraordinary materials’.
“Thank you for your hard work!” David stepped forward and helped Master McIntosh sit down and said.
“It’s not hard work. Fortunately, such good materials were not wasted!” Master McIntosh was tired, but his face was filled with joy and excitement. He waved his hand and said.
After Master McIntosh finished speaking, he placed the ‘Super Spur’ in his hand on the table and pushed it to David.
David carefully picked up the ‘Extraordinary Army Thorn’ and observed it carefully.
There is an indistinguishable thickening on the edge of the ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’, and its color has a hint of purple that is difficult to detect.
This is the hint of purple in the teeth of the ‘extraordinary material’. It seems that the teeth of the ‘extraordinary material’ have been added to the edge of the blade.
“David, try the effect of this new ‘Super Spur’!” Master McIntosh said with a smile. He turned to Assistant Jonson and ordered: “Prepare another white rat, a large one.” !”
/Assistant Jonson quickly walked in pushing an iron cage. This time the iron cage was much larger. The white rat inside could no longer be called a small white rat, because this white rat was comparable to the size of a medium-sized dog.
“Release the white rat!” Master McIntosh continued to instruct Assistant Jonson, and then he smiled and said to David: “You won’t let the white rat escape, will you?”
As soon as he said these words, he himself smiled, and even Assistant Jonsson had a smile on his face.
/David was so notorious that even many extraordinary people died in his hands. It would be ridiculous if even a white mouse could escape in front of him.
Assistant Jonson pressed the button on the cage, and then