ound surged into its ears, vibrating its eardrums and making it lose its balance.

The huge body fell to the ground when it lost its balance.
The mental attack of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ is very powerful, but its weakness is too obvious, and that is its defense.
David’s ‘high-frequency sound waves’ were only slightly less powerful than real ‘high-frequency sound waves’, but even such an attack caused the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ to fall into a long-term dizziness.
This time was enough for David to rush across the distance of a hundred meters and come to the side of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’.
The ‘sharp heavy ax’ in David’s right hand was raised high, and the spiritual line was connected to the huge head of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’. With this blow, the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’ would inevitably die.
At this moment, a spirit came from the wormhole in space.
“Stop!” This spirit was in contact with David’s spirit. Although they were not of the same race, the spirit contact could directly convey each other’s meaning, so David understood what the other party wanted to express.
Not to mention that when David heard the meaning conveyed by the spirit, he could no longer take back the blow he swung through the spiritual thread. Even if he could take it back, David would not take back the attack.
/The ‘Sharp Heavy Axe’, with its green light, swept over the huge head of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’, and the huge head was cut off from the body of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’.
Shadow Attendant rushed out again and absorbed the soul of the ‘Bewitching Brain Worm’.
“How dare you!” An extremely angry spirit came from the other side of the space wormhole.
Then David felt a terrifying pressure appear in the space wormhole, and even Babington Chaofan, who had just recovered, was somewhat breathless by this pressure.
This is an extreme feeling of despair, and it is also a difference in life levels, just like a giant dragon and an ant. David and Babington are extraordinary ants, and the existence on the other side of the wormhole in space is a giant dragon.
David’s strong spirit came into play at this time. Even in the face of such terrifying pressure, he still insisted on blocking the third-level shield in his left hand in front of him.
Because his danger perception ability is frantically alarming, an attack that can threaten his life will come at any time.
Then David saw a slender finger like a beard extending out of the wormhole in space, and this finger gently tapped towards David.
When the finger pointed at David, David’s body, which he originally wanted to dodge, was frozen. He could not move his body and could only watch the finger pointing towards him.
The finger seemed to be slow but was actually fast. As soon as it was pointed out, it was on top of David’s third-grade shield. The third-grade shield seemed to be soft and was easily penetrated by this finger.
David had never felt so powerless as he did today. No matter how strong his previous enemies were, he had the ability to fight back, but today’s enemies