dum and Wanzai Qingkong respectively. After he discovered that two heaven and earth spiritual objects came out.

The purity of spiritual energy and life force contained in Nine-leaf Purple Ganoderma lucidum has been purified.
The Yimu spirit liquid in Wanzai Qingkong is no exception.
The purity of the spirit machine has been purified by at least twice.
Since ancient times, the purer the spiritual substance, the higher the grade, and the utilization rate of absorption will be significantly improved.
After thinking about it, Zhang Jian took out another yuan bead.
It was a Yuan Pearl with the luster of purple thunder patterns appearing all over its body!
In his palm, purple electricity crackled!
There seemed to be a small beast surrounded by purple lightning running around inside!
This is an innate thunder bead conceived by a thunder beast.
The thunder beast is originally a divine beast, and the thunder beads it produces are naturally extremely precious. They are excellent medicine for practicing thunder methods and refining thunder attribute elixirs and spiritual treasures.
The value is still higher than the other three spiritual objects.
Zhang Jian once again threw the innate thunder bead into the wine baron, and a moment later he saw a strong ring of innate thunder elemental energy flowing out of the innate thunder bead.
Zhang Jian held the innate thunder bead, and then noticed the innate thunder spirit flowing in the innate thunder bead. The thunder essence was also purified, but the increase was obviously a little weaker.
Still more than twice as much.
There is just a slight sign of slowing down growth.
The upper limit of this bronze wine baron may be much higher than imagined!
But there is an upper limit.
But this does not hinder its value in any way.
It has two functions: purification and amplification.
“It is very suitable for novice immortal cultivators, and can be used as a rare treasure of the Zhang family!”
Zhang Jian thought to himself.
Zhang Jian, as a new Immortal Cultivator family, currently has a weak foundation and needs one or two rare treasures to help the family prosper.
/Of course, it also has many benefits for him.
/It can be used for refining weapons and elixirs.
Zhang Jian checked Yi Er’s other net worth.
He can be considered a small accumulation now.
You can be considered a rich man!
Most of this value was stolen, and the main contributors were Liu Rui and Taoist Ziyuan, followed by several real Yuanshen who were killed by him.
The big ones were Liu Rui and Ziyuan Zhenren. These two people alone contributed three gold-level spiritual treasures to him, as well as the bronze wine noble treasure in their hands.
There are also five or six other types of soul magic weapons!
The number of high-grade spiritual crystals reaches millions.
“Although these Yuan Shen magic treasures are precious, they can’t be used for the time being. Leave some of them as Zhang family’s accumulation, and the rest can be sold to the caravans of those large sects in exchange for some useful cult