u family’s united front group of the Blood clan. Both his personal combat power and the accumulated meritorious service have reached the point where he is called the elite of the Dang Tianren. With his improvement in rank, It was accumulated by honing the bones and flesh of his opponents, but normally, he would stop here in his life. His level had reached the limit, and he had reached the point where he could no longer rise and grow.

Because the rank title “Taoist Immortal Master” in the cultivation world is currently used to specifically refer to the leader of a clan. It does not mean that you can be promoted when you have reached the level of cultivation and meritorious service, but that only you inherit the leadership of the clan. A title can only be inherited if you are in position.
For the blood clan at this time, the person who inherited the title of “Immortal Master” was the eldest son of Zhu’s family. He was of noble status and pure blood, and he was also profound in terms of resourcefulness and mental skills – but his own combat power was a bit weak. Zhu Peng estimated that two such ‘immortal masters’ tied together would not be able to defeat his own father.
Of course, this is also related to the special situation of the Xuepo Clan. The Xuepo Clan practices a gerontocracy. Major affairs are mainly controlled by the family elders, and they are also supported by Dingding, the three elders with the highest cultivation level in the entire family. Therefore, in the foreground The ‘Immortal Master’ clan leader is just a ceremonial cover in most cases. Unless there are some specific occasions, most of the time, the execution matters that the family needs will not be resolved by this clan leader, but For some special reasons, Zhu Peng had great enthusiasm or ambition for the position of “immortal master” of the family patriarch.
/Just when Zhu Peng was playing with the clan emblem in his hand and slowly thinking about his thoughts, the lively Master Li suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and his slender jade-like palms suddenly wrapped around Zhu Peng’s arms. Go up, “Hey, are you waiting for me?”
The charming words, the warm fragrance that followed her face, and looking at that lively and laughing pretty face, Zhu Peng’s originally dark mood suddenly became happy.
/“If I say no, you will definitely tear me apart.” Zhu Peng chuckled and teased, and then quickly changed the subject before the girl got angry: “How is it, did the assessment of the family business go well? “Li Shishi is indeed still a little girl at heart. Zhu Peng’s casual words hit her right. She puffed up her chest to Zhu Peng with some pride and showed the family emblem on her chest. Li Shishi said proudly. He said: “Of course I passed. As soon as I showed off my Qi refining realm and didn’t show anything else, the two examiners hurriedly let me pass. It’s really in vain that I was a little nervous ahead of time.”
Seeing that Master Li’s plump chest had begun to show its size, and there were waves of fluctuations as she thrust proudly, Zhu Peng ra