no signs of gathering, but instead, his entire Qi and Qi veins were gradually integrated into the mixed black poison cauldron in front of him. , that feeling, like the poisonous dragon Li Zhe’s whole body was slowly decomposing. Under the threat of such a weird and evil spell, the hair all over Zhu Peng’s body was exploding, and the tense and swollen muscles and bones seemed to be… Instinctively, it shrinks slightly, just like the instinctive reaction of an herbivore when facing a carnivore.

“Qing’er, Yu’er, look carefully, this is the determination and ruthlessness of the blood elders of our clan. He is not only ruthless to others, but also ruthless to himself.” Su Xin sighed melancholy. Taking a sip of herbal tea, it seemed that I was remembering the past battles between the three brothers, and the bloody battles they fought side by side.
At this time, Li Zhe had completely lost his human form. His entire body turned into black fire and melted into the black iron cauldron. At this moment, the poisonous dragon son Li Zhe’s whole body was gone, only the body in the dark. The iron cauldron, exposed to the poisonous fire, kept humming and boiling.
“The essence of my poison skills, look at my boundless sea of ??poisons.” The faint ghost language was whispered like a dream, echoing around Zhu Peng like a whisper. At this moment, Zhu Peng finally knew that Li Xue Po Ridge Why does the great elder of the clan obviously love his children, but during the decades when the blood was prosperous, he didn’t have any wives or concubines, or even a family of heirs? It turns out that in order to practice poisonous skills, this guy completely turned himself into a poisonous person. How can he have children if he is not a human being?
At the moment when Zhu Peng was in a trance, the black iron cauldron suddenly swelled up after absorbing Li Zhe. The black poisonous fire all around was swallowed up by the giant cauldron like an ocean containing hundreds of rivers. Zhu Peng did not let Zhu Peng wait for long. The next moment, the giant cauldron opened the furnace. Amidst Li Zhe’s wild laughter, countless black fire poisonous dragons overflowed, and Li Zhe, whose image had changed drastically, also walked out of the poisonous cauldron that kept pouring out black fire. At this time, he was covered in gray-green poison. Clothes, even less than Zhu Peng’s Qi machine puppet, can’t see even a trace of the vitality belonging to a living person.
The strangely pale cheeks, the faint gray-green lip color, and even the ten green nails on Li Zhe’s hands were swollen, like ten daggers tempered with poison, far more like the claws of an alien beast than a living person. On the arm, if the distance is slightly closer, you can smell a fishy wind.
/Zhu Peng looked at Li Zhe at this time, slowly retreating, his face and expression showing great solemnity. What really attracted Zhu Peng’s attention was not Li Zhe’s terrifying ability to resurrect as if he was full of blood, but It was the little black snake, the miniature poisonous dragon, that wa