The appearance of this improved large-tube waterwheel at this time can inspire people. In particular, it will greatly enhance the cohesion of the Zhang family. Doesn’t it mean that the sky is looking down on the Zhang family?
It can be said that God has blessed the Zhang family with auspiciousness.
Otherwise, such a drought-fighting ‘sharp weapon’ would not have appeared in the Zhang family at this time!
“Then what are you waiting for? Let the masters in the workshop put it into production immediately. Once this product is produced, it can be put into Fengxi County and can be leased to the local people at a large area at a low price!”
Zhang Yi also realized the significance of the appearance of the waterwheel to the Zhang family.
Zhang Hu heard this and said hurriedly: “Sir, if this is the case, the county magistrate will inevitably think too much about it?”
Zhang Yi frowned.
The county magistrate Yang Qingnai was the eyes and ears of the imperial court. He was a smart and capable man with a vicious mind and was very difficult to deal with.
He has always been extremely wary of local heroes. He looks kind-hearted on the outside, but is actually very tough.
The local big names in Fengxi secretly call him the Smiling Tiger.
Zhang Yi sneered when he heard this: “Yang Qing is just trying to gain fame and reputation. He is honest and honest on the surface, but in reality he is greedy and shameless. He has already been eyeing our wealth for a long time. However, due to the influence of local wealthy families such as mine, he dare not take any action. This person is indeed difficult to deal with.” !”
“If it were in the past, he would definitely not sit back and watch, and would definitely interfere, but now the wave of refugees from outside Fengxi County is coming, and he still needs me and other local wealthy people to help him stabilize the overall situation. He doesn’t dare to mess around! ”
“In addition, write a book and send this map to your sixth brother immediately, so that he can present it to the court. It is so auspicious that no one can take advantage of Yang Qing!”
Zhang Yi sneered.
It’s not that the Zhang family doesn’t have a mouthpiece.
/Among the six Zhang brothers, in addition to the second and fifth brothers who died young, there are four other brothers, the eldest brother Zhang Yi, the third brother Zhang Yun, the fourth brother Zhang Kui and the sixth brother Zhang Duan.
Zhang Duanai was a Jinshi of the imperial dynasty, and he was now appointed as a magistrate of a state. He was responsible for the military affairs of a state and county, and he held a high position of power.
Zhang Yi still felt a little regretful. If possible, he would prefer to let Zhang Jian use this ‘auspiciousness’ to establish his reputation. This would definitely be helpful for the examination of the Ministry of Rites.
However, as the head of the family, after weighing the pros and cons, Zhang Yi decided to let Zhang Duan enjoy this power exclusively.
This is of greater benefit to Zhang Duan and even t