was something strange in his eyes. When this kind of immortal treasure falls into the hands of a high-level immortal, its power can be said to be… Destroy heaven and earth.

The power of the second-level immortal treasure corresponds to the level of the immortal.
/This is a division of treasures in ancient times.
There are huge differences in the power levels of the fairy treasures at the first level, second level, third level, and even the fourth level and fifth level.
His Junwang Jinren is a first-order puppet immortal treasure to some extent.
This can be regarded as the highest level fairy treasure he has come into contact with so far.
Zhang Jian glanced at Fairy Taiyin. He had temporary use for this treasure, so he did not give it to her.
He himself is also proficient in Taiyin Immortal Technique.
“Taiyin Form Refining Method” combined with this second-level fairy treasure, the burst of power is considerable.
Zhang Jian poured magic power into his hands and refined it a little. Then he looked around the peaks and waved his hands as he saw dozens of streams of light coming through the air and landing in front of everyone in an instant.
The light of the sword is cold.
Chapter 408 Sky Fox
“The spirituality of these dozens of swords has not completely dissipated. Two master uncles, we each have three swords. It is excellent to go back and give them to the disciples!”
Hearing this, the two true kings glanced at each other and both showed a smile.
They are all knowledgeable people. Although these swords are rusty, their aura is restrained. They can be regarded as the only good swords left in this hidden sword.
/In particular, the power of three of the spiritual swords is not inferior to that of the spiritual treasure level.
At that moment, they each put away their spiritual swords.
Fairy Taiyin also collected three of them.
It’s just that these three spiritual swords obviously can’t be compared with the Taiyin Divine Fire Wheel.
Fairy Taiyin felt a little regretful.
However, with the help of the power of the Taiyin Divine Fire Treasure Wheel, she broke through the realm of creation and condensed the soul of creation, which is also gratifying.
“If you still have any secrets in your mind, don’t hide them. Tell them all if you want to!”
At this time, Zhang Jian looked at Fairy Taiyin.
Fairy Taiyin pursed her lips when she saw this, and said with a solemn face: “Your Majesty, the most valuable treasures of the Xiyue Sword Sect are six treasures, namely two third-level fairy treasures, two second-level fairy treasures, and the second one is Taiyin. The treasure tree, and the Taiyin treasure book in the hands of the sect leader!”
“The Taiyin Treasure Tree cannot be moved, I am afraid it has been damaged, and the second-level immortal treasure Taiyin Divine Fire Treasure Wheel is hidden in the Taiyin Divine Fire Spring to nourish Wanjian and cannot be taken away. If the other immortal treasures are not damaged, they may have been taught by the master. Sealed in the core secret place!”
Zhang Jian nodded