e ancient Sky Fox clan. They can indeed be regarded as her people!”

“That’s it! Fortunately, the last time my disciple entered the wild area, he didn’t pull out the Tianhu Palace by the way. Otherwise, it would have been an inconvenience!”
The Patriarch of the Division shook his head and said.
“That’s okay. There are a lot of sky foxes named Qingqiu in the sky, but not every one of them is liked by the empress!”
“If you don’t have the seal of the Queen, you can just do it, and the Queen will not blame you!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian nodded.
Then Patriarch Chufa talked about the rules of Qing Xiu in Huoyun Cave.
“Ayu, it stands to reason that after ascending to the throne, immortal gods with the status of human emperors will be invited to enter the Fire Cloud Cave to cultivate for three thousand years. This is the care given by the Three Emperors and Five Elders to the leaders of the heavens and human races, but the length of stay is not necessarily certain. It’s three thousand years. If you follow the strategy I gave you and succeed, you might be able to stay there for more than twenty or thirty thousand years!”
Having said this, the Patriarch of Elimination sighed slightly.
“The depths of the Fire Cloud Cave are a good place. One year of practice there is worth ten years or even a hundred years elsewhere. The Taoist charms left by the emperors of heaven and humans inside, as well as the ancient secrets, with your accumulation, if If you can stay there for 20,000 to 30,000 years, you will benefit from it for the rest of your life!”
Hearing the cautious tone of the ancestor, Zhang Jian was indeed very interested in the rumored Fire Cloud Cave.
In the legend of the human race, the Fire Cloud Cave is the holy land of the human race in the void of the heavens.
There is a rich mystery inside.
I heard that all the human emperors in the void have stayed there and left their own unique skills and imprints.
Zhang Jian did not find this line of work boring, but enjoyed it with great gusto as the ancestor of the Master told all kinds of secrets about the Three Emperors’ Heaven and the Central Heaven’s along the way.
Then everyone entered Qingqiu Immortal Palace to meet Qingqiu Empress, an elder of Tongshan Taoism.
Unfortunately, Empress Qingqiu went to the Central Heaven as a guest not long ago at the invitation of an ancient female fairy.
Everyone did not stay in Qingqiu Palace for a long time.
Qingqiu Fairy Mountain stands under a huge ancient tree that supports the sky and the ground.
/The strange ancient tree is green and green, and there is a magnificent divine city below.
Most of the gods in the city are dominated by demon cultivators, and the largest number of them are fox cultivators.
Everyone passed through the space portal in the divine city and directly crossed the endless void, but they came to a magnificent divine city.
It was a magnificent divine city that seemed to stand in the vast land. It was a city spread across countless time and space kingdoms, and even countless sacred pure lands.