mage to him.

“Why do I feel that there are no restrictions on the Zerg’s energy attacks?” David said dissatisfied.
This is obviously the attack of the ‘Exploding Jet Bug’. The ‘Exploding Jet Bug’ is only a second-level Zerg. Even the energy beam shot by the elite-level ‘Exploding Jet Bug’ only has the attack power of the peak second-level Zerg at most.
They are obviously all energy attacks. Even the energy use of the engines on the Interstellar Federation’s side has been affected, but the Zerg’s energy attacks seem to have been strengthened.
Lieutenant Mawson did not answer David, and he could not answer this question.
Battle Star is the intersection of three worlds, and it is normal for some strange things to happen.
As he got closer to the ground, David also saw clearly the true face of the battle star. The white on the ground was the color of rocks. It was as desolate as any planet that had been eroded by the Zerg, without any sign of life.
“What is that?” David asked, pointing to a crystal mountain-like existence below.
“That’s a krypton crystal mine!” Lieutenant Mawson glanced at it and replied.
/“Oh my god, how is this possible? Such a krypton crystal mine is just thrown here, and no one is mining it?” David asked as he looked at the krypton crystal mine in surprise.
“This is just an ordinary krypton crystal mine with no mining value. There are a lot of krypton crystal mines here. You will understand after living here for a while!” Second Lieutenant Moson explained patiently.
David looked at the exposed krypton crystal ore, piled up like a hill, and judged the value of this krypton crystal mine in his heart.
If such a krypton crystal mine were placed on the Rock Planet, a large city could be built on it, and the entire city could become rich and prosperous because of the krypton crystal mine.
But here, the krypton crystal mine is just thrown here casually, and no one will pay attention to it.
“With so much kryptonite ore in hand for the Zerg, wouldn’t the Zerg’s strength be able to grow crazily?” David asked still puzzled.
A krypton crystal mine is enough for the Zerg to cultivate a large number of second-level Zerg, and even third-level Zerg may appear.
“On Battle Star, only the area occupied by the Zerg can absorb the energy in the kryptonite mine. This is behind the defense line. Even if there are Zerg, there are only a very small number of them. The patrol team will clean them up!” Lieutenant Mawson replied! road.
The ‘Death Wing’ assault ship lowered towards a military base below and parked on an apron on the top of the military base.
David opened the hatch and jumped onto the tarmac.
“If you are familiar with this place, please take me to report it!” David waved.
“Yes!” Lieutenant Mawson responded while opening the alloy door on the side for David.
As soon as he entered the alloy door, David felt the scanning energy, which was a test of his identity.
“We will go to General Babington to report first, and then go to the logistics to collect equipment!” Second Lieutenant Mawson was alrea