you that the emperor doesn’t know the situation inside the Eternal Ice Castle at all. That emperor”

Zhang Jian shrugged helplessly.
“As you can see, this is Daojun’s suggestion. I am always good at accepting other people’s suggestions!”
Baihua Fairy rolled her eyes at him.
Speaking of which, she is quite familiar with the Eternal Ice Castle, because after she encountered a demonic calamity in the past, in order to contain the demonic poison deep in her soul, Zeng Jin took the initiative to enter the eternal ice prison and used the power of the ice prison to suppress the demonic poison. It can be said that I know the ice better than anyone else.
“It is one of the coldest places in the heaven dimension. The cold air inside can even freeze time and space, and freeze everything. Many powerful ancient immortals have passed away in the ice prison without knowing it, or even transformed into Taoism!”
“And as the guardian of the eternal ice prison, in charge of the eternal ice prison, you should also bear part of the pain in the eternal ice prison!”
She glanced at Zhang Jiandao.
“The emperor gained great benefits this time in the depths of Yaochi, devouring many soul origins, and even obtained many Taoist secrets from many Taoist discussions. Sister Qingxia probably hopes that the emperor can use the ice silence of the eternal ice prison Strength, re-polishing the Taoist heart, and pure Taoism, so as not to leave any hidden dangers!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
Baihua Fairy said again.
“Aside from the fierce and extremely cold power of the Eternal Ice Castle, the most dangerous thing is actually the immortals and gods who made mistakes inside, as well as the fallen immortals!”
There was a complex look in her eyes. She had endured the suffering inside and knew what it was like to struggle on the edge of despair.
When she was eroded by the devil’s toxin, she never wavered and had the idea of ??giving up resistance and falling into the devil’s path.
/But after all, she is a fairy from Yaochi, and she knows that she still has life. Although she suffers, she has relatives, friends, and even the Holy Mother of Yaochi as her backers.
Other immortals may not be able to stick to the bottom line until they are in desperate situations.
Once they fall into the devil’s path, these immortals will become extremely dangerous, and they will do anything to escape.
After a slight pause, Fairy Baihua said again.
“In addition, there are some immortals and gods from the outside world. Emperor, you should also pay attention!”
/“There are many immortal prisons in the Central Heaven Realm, and there are many people who disregard heaven’s rules and regulations in order to save their relatives and friends. If you let the prisoners go, as the guardian of the eternal ice castle, I am afraid that the emperor will also be criticized by others, which will affect your life. promotion!”
Zhang Jian nodded slightly.
With Fairy Baihua’s guidance, he had a preliminary impression of the Eternal Ice Castle.
Central Heaven Realm, the fifth