ty, and then continued.

“Some time ago, I was traveling in the dimension of heaven, and accidentally encountered a heaven that was originally desolate and whose dimensions of heaven and earth were shrinking and whose ownership was not yet determined. That heaven dimension was falling towards the ruins. However, after careful investigation, I found that It was discovered from this that this world seems to be desolate and withered in origin, but in fact it is full of hidden vitality. If someone with great supernatural powers enters it and casts a spell to revive it, there is absolutely hope that it will escape from ruin and return to the heavenly realm!”
At this time, Yuzhuo Daojun’s eyes fell on Zhang Jian, and there was an extremely bright light in the depths of his eyes.
“Fellow Earth Emperor Taoist should know how much merit and luck it will bring to save a world from the devil’s way and from Guixu. If it can help an unknown heaven to escape the fate of falling into Guixu and re-energize its vitality, it will definitely be a great merit. !”
After a slight pause, her eyes were filled with intense light.
“Not to mention mastering a heaven, even if you and I hold the same palm, it will be of great help to attack the third-level Dao Lord!”
Zhang Jian looked solemn when he heard this. At this time, there were some waves deep in Tao’s heart.
There was a flutter in my heart.
To redeem a heaven, he naturally knows the boundless benefits contained in it.
This is probably enough for a great supernatural power user to accumulate the foundation of Taoism.
It seems that the Donghua Heavenly Realm has successfully upgraded its dimension. Even if many people with great supernatural powers take action together and many powerful people share the benefits, Chunyang Daojun will also benefit greatly. It is rumored that it won’t be long before there is hope for supreme powerhouses like Dao Zun. realm.
With such benefits, how could Zhang Jian not be concerned about it?
Daojun Yuzhuo noticed Zhang Jian’s expression and spoke softly.
/“And the Pearl of the Four Seas contains the supreme salvation that nurtures the vitality of the heavens and oceans!”
Chapter 646: Opportunity for Salvation
/Zhang Jian’s expression was shocked, and his eyes couldn’t help but stare at Daojun Yuzhuo.
The information Yuzhuo Daojun brought to him was shocking.
At this time, he glanced at Yuzhuo Daojun and said.
“Fellow Taoist Yuzhuo, although the Four Sea Pearls contain strong vitality, as far as I know, there should be many innate spiritual treasures in the void of the heavens that contain vitality. Senior Jellyfish is highly respected in the void of the heavens, so he shouldn’t have any in his hands. Do you lack this type of innate treasure?”
Zhang Jian looked at Daojun Yuzhuo with calm eyes, but he did not hide the doubts in his heart.
Lord Yuzhuo shook his head and said.
“Master and Master naturally have such a treasure in their hands, but Master and Master also have their own difficulties, and if they cannot work together as allies, I a