ful men of the ancient demon god clan, it would be impossible to say that he had completely fallen.

And this time, the Ziyuan Emperor is most likely to be a Taoist in a complete state.
Zhang Jian knew that the current Emperor Ziyuan would definitely not be in complete condition.
At this time, Emperor Ziyuan looked at Zhang Jian with calm eyes. There was no emotion in his eyes, only rationality that was close to the way of heaven.
“The evil spirits outside the world are causing chaos in the world and violating the laws of heaven. Today I will deprive you of your position as Taoist Lord!”
Following his golden words, there seemed to be a vast and vast divine energy that crossed the endless river of time and came straight towards Zhang Jian’s Qinglian Suffering Heavenly Lord Dao Lord. Locking on this Dao Lord’s character, there was a vast and vast divine energy that was faintly visible. He deceived the Taoist personality, and even wanted to completely erase this Taoist personality from the depths of the origin of the immortal world.
However, I saw a mighty purple-green destiny blooming from the depths of this Dao Lord’s personality. I also saw a magnificent innate divine light emerging from it. The golden light of immeasurable merits and the caress of heaven appeared, allowing Qinglian to save suffering Tianzun Dao Lord’s personality to bloom. Wisps of intense purple light.
“Heavenly type of magic!”
At this time, Zhang Jian felt the huge impact, and his expression changed a little.
Heavenly magic is extremely rare.
This can be regarded as a unique branch of the power-type fairy method. It includes the consistent application of the national luck-type fairy method and is extremely powerful.
The moment the blow broke out, Zhang Jian felt the Dao Lord’s soul tremble violently.
At the same time, while Zhang Jian was thinking, he waved his hand and waved his hands, a chaotic fairy light turned into a divine bridge of chaos and emerged from the void. However, he saw that the palm of the Ziyuan Heavenly Emperor condensed, and there seemed to be countless changes, just like a rolling catastrophe surging across the heaven and earth. Two instruments, The Three Talents, Four Images, Five Elements, Liuhe, Bagua, and Nine Palaces can lead to endless calamities.
However, at the core of this boundless calamity, there is only two words: refining.
Extract all creation from heaven and earth and refine all things.
That terrifying power seems to be refined and absorbed by everything in the world!
However, the magnificent divine power encountered a green fairy light at that moment. The green fairy light bloomed and faintly transformed into a magnificent green treasure lotus. The innate green lotus creation fairy light bloomed from it. The third-grade innate spiritual treasure innate green creation Lian’s true body condensed from it.
Zhang Jian felt a huge impact from the third-grade innate creation Qinglian.
The power of the immeasurable calamity is unusually magnificent.
It’s just that it’s still a long way from br