the Zhang family. Not far away is the courtyard of Zhang Yi and his wife Qi family. Next to it is the Zhang family’s warehouse. The place where several aunts live is in the backyard, separated by a small courtyard. That is where several brothers of the Zhang family live.

Zhang Jian was not worried about the stupid thief finding the location of the warehouse, but was worried about him breaking into the place where his younger brother and younger sister lived.
But his worry quickly disappeared. He heard a strong sound piercing the air, and the rapid footsteps stopped suddenly.
/Thoughts flashed across his mind, and he sensed an extremely cold energy emerging around him.
That’s Zhang Yi!
Zhang Jian is extremely familiar with Zhang Yi’s inner breath. He specializes in an internal refining method called “Xuanyu Gong”. The inner breath is extremely cold, with an icy power that freezes the heart.
However, it was not Zhang Yi who made the move, but a fierce and unrivaled sword light.
That is Yum Knife Jian Yao.
Seeing that all the troubles had been solved, Zhang Jian did not leave the room.
After all, he still doesn’t like this kind of trouble.
But in an instant, he stood up again, and he felt two familiar qi appear above Fang Linju.
Chapter 11 Poisonous Hand
As soon as Zhang Jian walked out of the door, he heard the sound of the air cracking above his head, and a chill hit the top of his head like a bolt of steel.
That’s Jian Yao’s knife.
The snow-white sword shines like the full moon.
Zhang Jian was extremely familiar with his victorious energy. The sharp sword light struck the top of his head, followed by the cold light of the sword collision.
The sound of metal and iron clashing emerged.
This kind of sound sounded near the body, making people’s hair stand on end, but Zhang Jian felt his blood boiling.
“Maybe this is the boldness of talented people!”
Zhang Jian somewhat understood that many of those who practiced martial arts were armed with sharp weapons and had murderous intentions.
With force, you will inevitably become confident.
Of course, overconfidence is arrogance.
Lightning flashed in his mind, and Zhang Jian’s ears twitched slightly. It was just the first time they touched each other, and he could faintly feel the direction of the intersection of the two energies on the sword, and an extremely tricky force hurt Jian Yao’s tiger’s mouth.
He could even smell a trace of blood with his spiritual sense.
The young swordsman holding the Qingfeng was obviously stronger than Jian Yao.
This is not surprising.
Because the person who took action was the brother and sister Zhang Jian had a relationship with.
/An internal martial artist in the Yangyuan stage.
Jian Yao completely ignored the wounds in his hands. The strength of Yi Jin in his feet exploded, and the stone slabs under his feet exploded. He volleyed towards the young swordsman and slashed fiercely.
Zhang Jian looked around and seemed to be able to see Jian Yao’s first sword covered with layers of red fiery energy.
That is the