is also a phoenix beast guarding the old nest, which is naturally a great good thing for the Zhang family.

Not to mention that he has now completely completed the three difficult tests of the sacred mountain lineage. He is about to start, and he may be able to draw reinforcements in the future.
At this time, outside Fengchao Mountain, Xuanjiu and his son had been paying attention to the changes in Fengchao Mountain. Looking at the boundless auspiciousness, the rays of light replaced the dark and biting Yin Qi and evil energy, Xuanjiu stroked his beard slightly.
Fengling Ghost King used this to restore the origin of Phoenix Soul, and many people inside and outside Fengyang County were able to escape a catastrophe.
This move can be said to benefit the common people.
Their grandfather and grandson are also beneficiaries.
/Of course, the biggest beneficiary is Zhang Xiaolang. Not only did he successfully pass the test, he will soon receive the Immortal Magic, but he also received a gift from the Demon-Slaying Lord.
Regardless of the good fortune of rescuing a phoenix descendant or the great luck, they are extremely precious to Zhang Jian.
It will be beneficial to your practice after embarking on the path to immortality.
Especially for a cultivator like Zhang Jian who is trying to follow the path of mortals.
“It seems that the rumors are untrue. The Demon-Slaying Lord is not unkind, but on the contrary.”
As soon as this idea emerged, Xuan Jiu’s face suddenly changed, and he saw the surrounding void suddenly change, and his figure was unknowingly locked by a spell and sent away.
There was a wry smile in his eyes.
He had to take his thoughts back.
“I think you want to talk to me!”
At this time, a sneering voice emerged in the void.
Outside Fengchao Mountain, Fengling Ghost King personally sent the two of them out of the mountain.
Bai Xianyin looked at Zhang Jian at the foot of the mountain and saluted with a smile.
“Congratulations to the young master for overcoming the three difficulties and having perfect luck. He is officially listed in the demon-slaying lineage!”
There was also a smile in Zhang Jian’s eyes. He also liked this little girl very much and simply praised her.
“Thanks to Xianyin for your secret guidance, I was able to successfully join the demon-slaying lineage. You are indispensable to Xianyin!”
The little girl smiled and said, “Master, please don’t praise me!”
After being happy, Bai Xianyin said again: “The young master also needs to make some preparations. After the young master gets started, he should be given the fundamental method. In addition, the young master has overcome three difficulties this time and is angry. The luck is huge, and there should be additional rewards in the sect. I will return to the sect first and ask the young master a few questions. If the master comes forward, the young master will not suffer a loss when the time comes!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes moved and he said: “Xianyin, when can I meet the master?”
Bai Xianyin glanced at Zhan