ay never be the same.

Based on Zhang Jian’s understanding of the rules of the Avenue of Destruction, the God of Destruction is the most difficult being to be destroyed.
Because they themselves are in charge of destruction, destruction is just their body, and they can be reborn from destruction at any time.
But when he raised his head, Zhang Jian’s expression changed slightly.
I saw that the dark red sun of destruction that was constantly expanding from the inside out froze in an instant.
Under the giant palm, the terrifying Liri Sun of Destruction was only held in the hand by the giant palm. Countless magnificent purple divine lights flowed out from it. It was wonderful and vast, but the dark red Liri Sun of Destruction was tightly held in the hand for a moment. After a while of rubbing, it turned into a dark red crystal light ball.
“Back to you!”
Then with a snap of his fingers, he shot the dark red crystal light down into the depths of the void.
I saw a god with a golden light of destruction all over his body suddenly appeared from the depths of the void, and for the first time a hint of fear appeared in his crazy eyes.
An earth-shaking loud noise flowed out from it, and the dark red divine light of destruction bloomed from the void. The gorgeous color brought the divine energy that destroyed the voids, dimensions, and even the avenues of heaven and earth, directly penetrating part of the world barrier.
The light waves condensed from the void, but were blocked by layers of light purple air. They never fell to the earth, but were only thrown into the sky.
/However, the dark red light wave of destruction penetrated the true body, and the golden light of destruction still did not completely fall. Instead, it turned into a golden light and instantly merged into the rules of the avenue of destruction deep in the heavenly spirit world. It merged with the rules of the avenue of destruction to maintain its own path of destruction. The fruit does not collapse.
It’s just that his Dao Fruit of Destruction has also been covered with a layer of terrifying Dao marks, as if there are wisps of supreme and noble purple energy locking his True Spirit Brand from the void.
Emperor Ziwei looked at this scene with a calm expression.
“So what if you can merge with the law of the great avenue? Even if you merge with the law of the great avenue of destruction in the original ocean of chaos, I can still kill you!”
As a layer of purple divine light circulated around his hand, it instantly sank into the depths of the void, where a ray of purple sword light passed.
Deep in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, an unusually unwilling roar was heard, but the entire Heavenly Spirit Realm’s first layer of laws of heaven and earth were permanently collapsed and lost at this moment.
Not only is the mark of the Yuanling of Destruction in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, but a huge cloud of light blooms deep in the center of Zhang Jian’s eyebrows. From the ‘Original Perspective’, many secret hands and qi machines left by the God of