n the Niwan Palace, Zhang Jian Yuan Shen appeared, standing under the original personality, as if his whole body had been turned into white gold.

On the other side, several treasures are also swallowing platinum holy light.
The most precious innate treasure is the Golden Spirit Opening Emperor Sword, the most innate treasure is the Earthly Emperor Seal, and the 20th grade Green Lotus of Creation has bloomed.
There are also two treasures, the Earth Emperor Cauldron and the Earth Emperor Divine Sword.
Finally, there are two remaining innate spiritual treasures, the Netherworld Magic Pen and the Earth Emperor’s Golden Book.
These two innate spiritual treasures are the only innate spiritual treasures left in Zhang Jian’s body.
The two innate spiritual treasures now reappeared in the form of three corpses.
This can be regarded as Zhang Jian fulfilling his old promise.
At this time, the thing that absorbs the most platinum divine light is the 20th grade Good Fortune Green Lotus, but other than that, it is not the Kai Huang Golden Spirit Sword or the Earth Emperor Divine Seal, but the Earth Emperor Cauldron and the Earth Emperor Divine Sword. .
After merging with wisps of white-gold divine light, they seemed to be surrounded by a layer of primitive atmosphere, which was extremely astonishing.
/They gradually transcended the categories of top acquired spiritual treasures and acquired treasures, and they are still rising within the realm of acquired treasures.
But the biggest change was Zhang Jian’s Yuan Shen Dao Fruit.
The origins of countless original personalities are integrated into each other, and they are constantly being analyzed by the Nine Heavenly Dao Jade Palaces.
Zhang Jian felt that even with the huge computing power of the Nine Heavenly Dao Jade Mansion, he felt that it was ‘stuffed’ with countless original Dao Rules messages!
These extremely precious primitive knowledge seem to have turned into a flood.
Zhang Jian had to do his best to absorb and organize them.
Fortunately, his foundation is solid.
The dual enlightenment of Yuanshen and true body gave him supreme foundation, which made it easier to absorb it.
The 20th-grade Creation Green Lotus will also emit rays of green light from time to time to help him digest these precious ‘knowledge’!
It can be seen with the naked eye that as every bit of knowledge of the original Dao rules is absorbed, the pressure of the Holy Dao flowing around Zhang Jian becomes more and more magnificent and vast.
On the other side, with the changes in the situation in the void of the heavens, many ancient saints and great religions have felt the change and are unable to control the situation. At the same time, in the depths of the ocean of communication with the origin of chaos, those Yuanshi saints who have not returned have yet to return. , trying to contact the saints and make them return and take charge of the overall situation.
/Avoid too much impact on the orthodox tradition and loss of luck.
Chapter 877 Three Hundred Yuan Meeting, News from All Saints