Turbidities still exists in the world, his demonic body will be immortal.

However, he saw a thin, flawless finger appear out of thin air in the hall, and with his fingertip pointing, the Yin Zhuo Demon Lord felt a terrifying loneliness and the true meaning of death.
At this moment, he felt that his supreme demon body, soul, and even Taoist will were collapsing and falling.
A look of fear flashed in the depths of his eyes, and he tried his best to mobilize the remaining essence of the soul deep in the soul, leveraging the five turbid [concepts] to continue rebirth, but at this moment he felt powerless.
At this moment, he could clearly sense that his incomparably solid supreme demonic body, demonic luck, soul’s will, and even the concept of authority to control, the Demon Lord’s personality were being ‘transformed’ by a terrifying force.
That power is the ‘chemical’ of refining!
Transform the void, transform all things, transform chaos, and even transform all the heavens and worlds without any trace left.
The Yin Zhuo Demon Lord knew clearly in his heart that he was dead this time.
But there was still some confusion in his eyes.
Some don’t understand when they provoked such terrifying existence.
There are only a few powerful people in the sky who can understand the origin of creation to this extent.
In the Five Turbid Demonic Palace.
A purple-yellow divine light emerged, and Zhang Jian’s true body appeared in it.
He didn’t even look at the Earth Emperor’s Oven deep in his palm. When he raised his hand, a magnificent divine energy enveloped the diagram of reincarnation in the heavens.
Instantly, a blue divine light appeared from it.
It is Taojun Qingxia.
At this time, he saw Zhang Jian dressed in Tsing Yi, and Taojun Qingxia couldn’t help but smile.
/But she wasn’t too surprised, she just smiled.
“Ayu, you came just in time. If it had been a while longer, I might not have been able to hold on anymore!”
Taojun Qingxia looked at the diagram of reincarnation of the heavens in his hand, which had been mostly dyed black.
If Zhang Jian doesn’t come back, she will probably become a dead soul in the hands of the Yin Zhuo Demon Lord in at most ten thousand years.
/The power of the second-turn demon lord is indeed beyond what she can resist now.
Being able to persist for such a long time is entirely dependent on the innate spiritual treasure.
When Zhang Jian raised his hand, he saw several pieces of innate aura flying out from the depths of the Earth Emperor’s furnace. These innate auras were instantly enveloped by his vast immortal light after flying out, and were pushed in front of Daojun Qingxia.
“Return the property to its original owner!”
Those innate spiritual treasures are the Liuguang Qin, the Golden Crow Shooting Sun Bow, and the Wu Tu Ding.
They are all innate spiritual treasures refined by Taojun Qingxia.
It had been taken away by the Yin Zhuo Demon Lord before.
When Daojun Qingxia saw this scene, he was not polite and took back these treasures directly.
However, she could also see that many