are generally fragile.

Even the other six God-Emperors felt at this moment that the source of their own cohesion was weak under such divine power.
“The dragnet is completely formed!”
Zhang Jian also saw this scene, with a somewhat solemn look on his face.
This famous supreme formation in heaven is so powerful!
If it is allowed to continue to evolve for some epochs and even eras, it will definitely become more and more powerful.
It will never be weaker than those mythical ancient formations in mythology that can threaten the powerful Yuanshi.
Many thoughts flashed through Zhang Jian’s mind, and he soon continued to calm down.
A polyamorous retreat, his practice progressed very quickly.
The accumulation of the legacy of Kaitian and the creation of Tianluo Diwang will be of great help to him in completing the root of the three thousand avenues.
This is the explosive period of his steady growth in strength.
And as he understood and condensed more and more root energy, his evil corpse and the Earth Emperor’s Golden Book were further integrated, and there was a sense of budding, which meant that it was about to take shape.
If according to the standards of the innate era.
By beheading the two corpses, he could be considered as entering the second stage of Taoism.
This realm is also called the Two-Corpse Quasi-Saint.
When he sets foot on the other side of the realm, he can go straight to the ultimate realm and reach the second turn of the Taoist Master in a very short time.
This is the strength of Jue Dao Zun.
/And the strongest ones will only be more terrifying.
Zhang Jian devoted himself to practice.
On the other side, the nine divine emperors showed great joy after the formation of the heavenly net and the earthly net. They all gathered in the Jinyuan Taoist Court to celebrate the formation of the heavenly net and the earthly net.
It seems that the threat of Donghuang Taiyi clan has disappeared at this moment.
Yuanhuang was also very happy and simply used this opportunity to hold a banquet for all gods and invite all the gods to participate.
Zhang Jian was actually too lazy to participate in such a banquet. It was just hosted by Yuanhuang, and he couldn’t shirk it due to favors, so he had no choice but to leave the customs.
After the Banquet of the Ten Thousand Gods, Zhang Jian returned to Qinglian Mansion to continue practicing in seclusion.
After the formation of the heavenly net, the chaotic situation in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm came to an end. Jinyuan Daoting began to try to attract and win over the gods who were ‘scared away’ by the heavenly net, attracting people to re-strengthen the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm.
And many preferential measures have been introduced for this purpose.
Although the immortals and gods are far more powerful than mortals, many immortals and gods also pursue profit.
As long as the benefits they can get are large enough, they are willing to take even some risks.
What’s more, Jinyuan Daoting also has the endorsement of the Phoenix clan, and many immortals and gods are