After I die in battle, help me bring my remaining brothers back to the Dragon Palace, and tell the Dragon King that Octopus is incompetent, so he can only fight to the death to repay the kindness of the Dragon Palace for protecting the three generations. Before I closed my eyes, I never let a demonic insect come within a hundred miles of my Dragon Palace.”

Just as he was speaking, a huge roar of “roar” came, and a terrifying giant insect as high as the sixth floor broke through the mountain and cracked the earth. Being attacked by this giant insect, unless you have someone who is far away, The strength above it is suppressed, otherwise how could it be defended? With a body like its size squeezed into the battle formation, it is enough to break through the battle formation above seven levels.
Marshal Octopus took out an oversized mountain-splitting battle ax from the Qiankun bag on his waist, and his whole body turned into a fierce beam of light and rushed towards the giant mountain insect, followed closely behind by a whole battalion. Before 2012, Donghai Longting was well-known in the monk community for its elite soldiers who were braver and braver in military formations. Compared with the East China Sea Navy’s bravery and fearlessness of death, even the united front troops of Xuelingling were more than inferior. Fortunately, , Xue Po Ridge is not yet one of the powerful Thirteen True Spirit Clan, and there is no need to hold any True Spirit Trading Conference.
“The strategic treasure we are selling now is the ‘Iron Buddha Bingtao Formation’ that the military master ‘Jin Wushu’ used to dominate the world. Although it is very expensive to refine such a gold and iron formation. It’s enough to make people stunned, but once it can be truly refined, it can be said to be unparalleled in charging, breaking through formations, and fighting head-on.”
“Although this formation is not suitable for a duel between monks, it is perfect for defeating the battle formations of Zerg and wild beasts. This large formation of soldiers can directly amplify the combat power of a thousand people by several times. The attack and defense of the formation can be called advance and retreat. It’s a pity that this military formation consumes too many resources. Even if the formation diagram is formed, corresponding elite subordinates are needed to set up the formation. Otherwise, having this diagram can be said to directly enhance the war strength of the clan, and its power is slightly inferior to that of the Styx Blood Refining Army. Formation, but its flexibility and maneuverability are almost even better.”
“The base price of the ‘Tiefu Tu Bingtao Formation’ is 9 million spiritual stones. Each increase in price must not be less than 50,000 spiritual stones. The bidding begins.”
/“Nine million and one million”
“9.3 million”
“Nine and a half million”
Because the value of this kind of strategic treasure is very high, the basic reserve price is also set very high. However, the high bidding reserve price of this kind of strategic treasure