arly a thousand words was written eloquently, and Zhang Jian poured in awe-inspiring righteousness. In the eyes of several Taoists at the Cave God Temple in the court, the great righteousness rushed straight into the hall, and the bright thoughts became colorful. One of them was wearing a Wuji Taoist robe. Gao Guanbo couldn’t help but step forward to check Zhang Jian’s original scroll.

However, after just one glance, the Taoist couldn’t help but raise his brows, twitch the corners of his mouth, and quickly retreated to his original position.
He still looks like he is looking at his eyes, nose and heart, and is not interested in anything.
“Master Jingming, what’s going on?”
When Emperor Jingwu saw this, he couldn’t help but ask his companion, who was an old eunuch with slender eyebrows. When he heard this, his eyes moved and he whispered a few words into Emperor Jingwu’s ear. This immediately aroused Emperor Jingwu’s curiosity. At that moment, he also stepped down from Danbi and walked to Zhang Jian’s side.
Chapter 154 The emperor reviewed the papers and released the results
Hearing Zhang Jian’s handwriting burst out with awe-inspiring righteousness again, this aroused the curiosity of Emperor Jingwu.
He first looked at the young Gongsheng who was sitting dignified and meticulous. His clean and concise clothes and upright attitude immediately made a good first impression on Emperor Jingwu.
Immediately, he cast his gaze on Zhang Jian’s spread out examination paper, and after just a brief glance, a hint of smile appeared in the emperor’s eyes.
It was not that Emperor Jingwu had no experience as an examiner for palace examinations. When he was the prince before he ascended the throne, he had the experience of invigilating several examinations, so he was very aware of the standards of these candidates.
After ascending the throne, the palace examination has been held once.
The article in front of me can be considered to be of a very high standard among many Gongsheng articles.
In particular, the concept of reforming official governance and rejuvenating the country was very popular with him.
When Zhuang Ying saw this scene, he immediately came over. He kept a slight distance from Emperor Jingwu and bowed slightly with an expression of admiration.
At the same time, he also glanced at Zhang Jian’s imperial examination paper from another angle. With just one glance, he knew that Zhang Jian’s angle of intention scratched the itch of Emperor Jingwu.
/This is a plus.
And it’s not just any extra points.
I then read the article written by Huiyuan Wang Qingzhou next to me and made a slight comparison. Although Huiyuan’s article was not bad and his intention was not low, the practical content was a little lacking.
The Zhang Jian in front of me is very good at this kind of writing style, which is similar to memorials. In other words, he is a practical person. He has experience and ability in this area.
“What a pity that he comes from a wealthy family?”
This thought flashed through Zhuang Ying’s mind.
In fact, durin