now that you have a heart for boxing, but I just went to personally inspect the dragon veins of the Shu Kingdom. Although the essence of the previous dragon veins is gone, the core dragon soul inside is probably still there. It’s beyond what my uncle can handle!”

“Resentful Dragon Soul?”
/Upon hearing this, Taoist Dongxiao’s face changed, his mouth moved, and he immediately stopped talking.
Taoist Dongjue’s jade face also lost some color.
“Senior nephew, wasn’t the dragon soul of Shu killed by senior brother? How could there be any dragon soul left?”
The earth’s dragon veins are usually able to breed strange objects such as dragon souls. This object, combined with the cauldron of a dynasty, can be transformed into a national-protecting divine object with unparalleled power.
But with the fall of the dynasty, the earth’s dragon veins changed their paths, or were dissipated by the backlash of luck, or were extracted to refine treasures by immortal cultivators, or beheaded.
/Although the dragon veins of the Shu Kingdom have been preserved, the dragon souls of the Shu Kingdom have long been suppressed and annihilated by the ancestors of the Dongshen Cult.
It should be impossible for a dragon soul to exist deep in the dragon veins of Shu!
“It is indeed the remnant of the dragon soul!” Taoist Jingming’s face was calm, and he was very sure of his judgment.
This is not the dragon soul from the previous Shu Kingdom, but a dragon soul that was re-bred by the Shu Kingdom’s dragon veins over the past hundreds of years.
This dragon soul is hidden among countless dragon resentments and may have become demonic, but no matter what, its power is undoubted.
But there is no doubt that it is precious.
This is the reason that prompted Taoist Jingming to escape seclusion at all costs.
Zhang Jian was currently in the No. 1 Scholar’s Mansion, waiting for the arrival of distinguished guests, while also polishing his Yin Shen magic power.
His Yin Shen’s mana grew extremely fast, partly from the fusion of his diamond soul, and partly from the many precious medicines in his body.
These precious medicines are like treasure houses. After being opened, they turn into essence and continuously fuel the magic power of Yin Shen.
Save him a lot of trouble.
There is no need to work hard for decades and find ways to go to some special secret realms and ruins to search for elixirs, or try to get some special innate wisdom to supplement one’s own magic power.
Although immortal cultivators live long lives, time is also precious.
Although Lord Yin Shen has a lifespan of nearly three thousand years, he can be said to have an extremely long lifespan.
Some special Yin Shen Lords possess some special secrets of life extension, and it is not a big problem to live for one or two thousand more years. They can go to some special secret realms, or travel through the stars through the void realm.
But for Lord Yin Shen, every time he practices a Yin Shen spell or even survives a great catastrophe, it takes time to recover. Even after exploring some