ein turned on his spiritual vision and looked around the room. Under the crimson moonlight, Mrs. Sharon’s bedroom was luxuriously and gorgeously decorated.

Thick carpets, spacious space, velvet quilt covers, messy tables with various skin care products and cosmetics, jewelry with different brilliance, a half-open cloakroom, and frivolous items thrown carelessly on the rocking chair. Clothes, stockings with garters, and many ornaments inlaid with gold threads caught Klein’s eyes one by one.
The most eye-catching thing in the whole room is an unfinished oil painting, which shows the naked Mrs. Sharon herself. Her brown hair is like a waterfall, and her brown eyes are like the eyes of a deer in the forest, pure and moist, but curved. The raised eyebrows, straight nose and delicate lips outline the charm of a mature woman. The two are blended together in a contradictory attitude, but they exude amazing charm.
Looking down from his neck, Klein only glanced at it without taking a closer look. This was not a fake formal dress. He had even seen the other party’s “little dirty pictures”. What else was he afraid of?
His attention was drawn to the paints, plates, brushes, and a silver-plated full-length mirror next to the oil painting.
/This combination, such placement, and such positional relationship gave him a strange idea, that is, the author of this oil painting was Mrs. Sharon herself, not some painter she had hooked up with.
A charming and innocent woman with an attractive appearance, an outstanding figure, stripping off her clothes, looking in the mirror, describing herself, and recording the beauty. It feels strange that Mrs. Sharon is too narcissistic. Klein muttered silently, He withdrew his gaze and began to search for possible criminal evidence.
According to the teachings of Leonard and Frye, he always wore black gloves, and every time he searched for a place, he had to remember the original appearance in advance so that he could restore it later.
For a “divineer”, this is not difficult at all. If you forget, you can easily recall it using the skill of “dream divination”.
Of course, before going out tonight, he also performed a divination for himself. There was no danger and everything went smoothly.
This is what a qualified magician should do, even if I am already a “clown”. Klein complained to himself and spent nearly twenty minutes searching Mrs. Sharon’s bedroom. He did not find anything worthy of attention and did not look at it. To the slightest bit of spiritual light.
Finally, he stopped in front of the safe in the corner of the room.
It’s iron gray and about one meter high. It’s thick and heavy and feels extremely solid. It seems like even if you bring in explosives, you can’t break it open.
/“It really has the characteristics of the steam age. It must have an extremely complex mechanical combination.” Klein tried to open the lock and failed shamefully.
He put the matter of the safe to the last moment, took off his left glove and took off the citrine pendant wrapped around his wrist.
Holding th