at can be squeezed, and this deal will not be a loss at all.”

After saying that, he rubbed his little hands and stepped into the black and white portal.
Judging from his impatient back and pace, there is a plot for a fee in the small single room.
Small single room.
/Mr. Xinli was wrapped in chains, his arms were raised in the air, a spark lit up his eyebrows, and he slowly healed his seriously injured body.
Lu Bei waited on the spot. After a while, when Xin Lijun was mostly recovered from his injuries, he contracted the black chain and extinguished a little red aura.
He rubbed his hands and took two steps forward.
Then he stepped back, lowered Mr. Xinli’s height in the air, and instead spoke condescendingly: “Tell me, what are you doing in Yizhou?”
“What is the secret of the Chikong Desert? What secret did Xiongchu discover here?”
Mr. Xinli’s eyes were indifferent, his head was raised arrogantly, and he looked like he was going to kill if he wanted to, and behead if he wanted to.
“What a tough guy. Lin admires you the most for a man with backbone. I hope you can keep it till the end.”
Lu Bei sneered and began to unbutton his trousers in front of Lord Xinli. His words were full of disdain: “Humph, for a tough-talking guy like you, Lin has seen too much in the Xuanyin Division prison and has eaten a lot.” Whip, in the end it’s not about asking what to say.”
Xinli Jun glanced at Lu Bei lightly and said contemptuously: “If you want to do it, be quick. You are not a man if you just talk but don’t do it. The speed of your words is much faster than the speed of you taking off your clothes.”
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
The movements of her hands were slow, and she felt that she had used the wrong interrogation method. This woman was not a footwork master, so this trick could not scare her.
“The Xiongchu royal family has a bright future with the bloodline of the Immortal Sword Master. To me, it’s not a bad thing.”
Mr. Xinli continued to provoke, licked his pretty red lips, and sneered: “If you can’t keep your face down, and you can only talk but not do anything, you can loosen your bonds and let me go, and I will teach you what to do.”
Lu Bei: (一`′一;)
He tightened his belt, feeling insulted.
Seeing this, Mr. Xinli became even more disdainful: “Look forward and backward, timid, dare not say what you say, but dare not do what you say. How can you call me a man?”
Lu Bei was furious, and at the risk of being deceived nine times, he raised his hand and pressed it on Jun Xinli’s chest, clasping his fingers together and giving him a sudden squeeze.
Xinlijun closed his eyes and hummed softly, then slowly opened his eyes: “Go on, try harder, haven’t you eaten?”
I’m going, are you serious?
At this moment, everything was still too late, but Lu Bei couldn’t dig a hole and had no way out. He put his big hand into his clothes and grabbed a half-circle of Hunantan.
The corner of Xinlijun’s mouth twitched, and the two looked at each other speechlessly. One found that he was a little too much, and t