iao Fengxian out of the cabin.

Before leaving, he raised his eyebrows at Lu Bei. So what about the sect leader? You still have to watch him kill the elder when fishing.
Lu Bei dismissed it and turned to look aside. Zhan Lexian was even more arrogant, patting Xiao Fengxian on the shoulder and telling him that he had found the right person. Fishing is not difficult and can be done in an hour. Some people can’t learn it. It’s because I don’t have that life.
On this side, the two of them left, and on the other side, Lu Bei slipped into the house of Zhanhongqu.
After a heated exchange of words, Lu Bei saw that the time was almost up. He opened the Double Mysterious Treasure Map and invited Zhan Hongqu into the small single room. He used the same old trick but couldn’t get in.
Zhan Hongqu refused to obey, not wanting to admit that he was in a foreign country, so he bit Lu Bei’s ear and waited until he returned to Zangqianshan.
/Lu Bei thought for a while. Bai Jin was in Beijun Mountain, She Yan was in Sanqing Peak, and Zhu Qilan was in Changming Mansion. They all had the same territory and would not invade each other. It was very reasonable and logical to ask Hongqu to be in Zangqianshan.
Because it made sense, he simply stepped back and taught Zhan Hongqu the art of temperament and how to play orchestral instruments gracefully.
At the stern of the boat, Zhan Lexian didn’t know that he had been stolen. He looked at Xiao Fengxian who was in the novice protection period and fell into deep thought for a long time.
This kid is just like his master’s kid, he looks disgusting.
The next day, Lu Bei felt refreshed and came to the stern of the boat. On a whim, he picked up the fishing rod given by his senior brother, which is the inheritance of the Air Force, and tried to see if his skills had deteriorated by throwing two rods.
If possible, return to the novice protection period.
As soon as he hung up the Qiling Pill, he was caught by Baimao.
Lu Bei silently took down the Qiling Pill and straightened the fishhook like an expert from outside the world. He was fishing, not fishing, but fishing for the realm of life.
“I would rather take what is straight than seek what is wrong. This is what my sect leader has always been like.” Facing Bai Mao’s doubtful eyes, he explained.
Zhao Wuyou was not interested in the reason why Lu Bei was fishing with a straight hook, and he did not ask the deeper meaning of Qiling Pill as bait. He twisted his toes and said bluntly: “Sect Master Lu, you have also been to Thousand Blades Mountain. Look, isn’t it? Is it time to fulfill your promise?”
“What promise?”
Zhao Wuyou deliberately took out the written evidence, but was afraid that Lu Bei would tear it up on the spot, so he forced himself to repeat the promise.
After saying that, my ears turned red.
Obviously, after getting along with each other for a few days, Bai Mao developed a good impression of Lu Bei and regarded him as a friend instead of the indifferent relationship he had at the beginning.
It’s natural to feel a little emba