er level

Close to the border area with the Yaochi Holy Land, a magnificent fairy island forms a void of its own. It is majestic and vast, and the space for development inside is huge.
Next to the Two Boundary Pools, the nine-color pool water is surging and surging.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ stands beside Wangliangjie Pond, her eyes are calm at this time.
After learning that Zhang Jian had transformed into a divine being, ‘Qingxia Daojun’ had anticipated this scene.
Based on her understanding, that person would definitely not give up the opportunity to offer sacrifices after he ascended to the throne.
/The nine-color pool water was magnificent and oscillating, and with the wave of ‘Qingxia Daojun”s hand, a golden glow enveloped the two boundary pools.
In just a moment, there was a huge roaring sound from the two realm pools, and streams of majestic incense and golden light flowed out of it.
The golden light was released and rushed straight into Dou Mansion.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ has been prepared for a long time. In the depths of the void, a magnificent golden vortex appeared from the sky. Inside the golden vortex was the location of her priest. The priest evolved from the virtual reality into a series of magnificent gods. Kingdom, there are many illusory realms manifested.
The golden light of the incense emerged from the sky, and instantly disappeared into these illusory realms. I saw the illusory incense kingdoms quickly condensed into reality under the golden light of the incense.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ looked at this scene calmly, with a smile in his eyes.
As a Taoist who was born to follow the path of incense, her path is completely different from the original body. The more incense, the faster the Taoist progress.
With such incense and nourishment, she will soon be able to try to attack the second Dao Lord Tribulation.
Every time a great calamity is passed, for the Tao Lord, his own Tao fruit will undergo a huge transformation, and his Tao behavior will be further improved.
With Zhang Jian’s help, ‘Qingxia Daojun’ can foresee that her future is bright.
Looking carefully into the depths of her eyes, she saw that the incense kingdoms were filled with the golden light of incense, and soon more than a hundred illusory kingdoms became substantial incense kingdoms.
That’s tens of billions of flawless incense.
But this is not the end.
One after another, the golden light of incense turned into incense pillars, connecting the sky and the earth.
“The Holy Body is truly extraordinary!”
Looking at this scene, ‘Qingxia Daojun’ sighed secretly.
/Under her eyes, she saw that there were more than two hundred incense kingdoms that had been completed in a short period of time.
This is twenty billion flawless incense.
After exceeding 20 billion, the speed of the golden light of incense rushing from below has slowed down, but it has not ended.
Another moment passed.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ looked at the gradually falling golden light of the incense, her expression was a little shocked at this time.
“Two hundred and sixty-one incense