a sword can one unleash his greatest potential, and only by closing the distance between life and death as narrowly as the edge of a sword can he advance bravely at the fastest speed – provided he does not die.

“Elder Zhu, Mr. Zhu, I know that you are old and strong, but Peng’er, I am withered, okay? You just scolded Tianmen for going to danger in person as the head of the family, it was stupid, turn around and you will Drag me along to kill Buxu Realm Sword Cultivator!? We both only have Soaring Sky Realm, and Tianmen Old Daoist must be followed by the elites of Taishan Sword Sect, how can he be so easy to kill?”
Having said this, Zhu Peng paused for a moment, and then continued: “Of course, Taoist Master Tianmen went into danger alone, and our spies grasped the route. This is indeed a God-given opportunity, although it cannot be done by the two of us. We went to join forces with swords to attack and kill them, but with the deployment of a hundred and eighty masters, we were able to encircle and annihilate them in one battle.” At this point, Zhu Peng tapped his finger on the water shadow map, and a dark purple fire suddenly ignited, snap. With one click, the location of Taoist Master Tianmen on the map was burned into a round hole.
Within the war zone, Taoist Master Tianmen was leading his elite disciples to break into the blockades of the Blood Soul Pavilion. Basically, every blood soul monk they encountered was killed by them, so if nothing unexpected happened, , at this moment, the Earth Star Blood Soul Pavilion forces should not have discovered their existence yet.
Chapter 705: Planning a big plan, the tiger comes out of the cage
/The current Blood Soul Pavilion should not have discovered them yet, but Taoist Master Tianmen has made such a time lag, and must save as many disciples as possible from being surrounded by blood souls within this period of time.
For Tianmen Taoist Priest, as long as he is not ambushed and killed by a considerable number of blood soul masters in advance, Tianmen Taoist Priest Bu Xu’s high-level cultivation can actually walk sideways in this war zone. However, many years of fighting have made it difficult for him to do so. The Wuyue Sword Cultivators in Jiangzhou knew that these Earth Star natives, who were originally ignored by them, often had terrifying abilities that could kill people beyond their ranks.
The most representative among them is the four major leaders of the Earth Star Monk Alliance, the leader of the Eastern Sword Qi Alliance, Shushan Sword Master, who once had a remarkable record of killing two soaring monks with his foundation building cultivation. Although the two Jiangzhou Tengkong Realm sword cultivators were superior to the Shushan Sword Master in terms of pure cultivation, they were more than a step behind the Shushan Sword Master in terms of swordsmanship and sword focus. It was the low-level cultivators who lost two high-level cultivators almost instantly, and the sword cultivators were fighting each other, with life and death on the line.
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