all about this, but he didn’t say anything.

The space around Lu Bei was limited. Tu Yuan moved left, now right, and now he was riding on him. He took up most of the position due to his favor. There was not much left for Shi Wuchang. To be honest, if he mentioned more accurately, wouldn’t he be able to stop there? There is no place to be found.
Therefore, he planned to kill Zhunti from the beginning.
Lu Bei patted his butt and looked at Zhunti intently, the golden light in his eyes flickering.
“Stay, I’ll count you as a member.”
Although it is just a name, the cause and effect cannot be explained clearly, and there is a destiny in it.
It’s so fateful to be named Zhunti. He has the most people in the world. He can touch porcelain even if he doesn’t have it. He can take him for a walk in the secret place. If he doesn’t keep it together, he can bump into some big treasure.
The innate spiritual treasure is also a dream.
Thinking of this, Lu Bei was quite dissatisfied. He was so brave that he didn’t dare to call himself Zhunti. Why did the middle-aged Taoist priest in front of him deserve this?
Treasures from heaven, materials and earth are obtained by those who are destined to do so, and Tao Hao is no exception.
/Grab it and use it yourself?
On the other side, Gu Zongchen, who was sitting alone in front of the bonfire, was waiting for the secret realm to open. He saw meteors flying all over the sky, the demons working together, and the wolves being surrounded and annihilated.
In the same state of mind as him, he ignored him and listened to Lu Dongbalabala talking about Lu Xi, occasionally responding.
“Has this fellow Taoist ever seen a meteor falling here?”
A bald man stepped out and saw that Gu Zongchen was cute and cute, and there was no help around him. He inevitably had the vicious thoughts of bullying in his heart, and said kindly: “I’m sorry, I’m a poor man, I don’t know how to call my friend?”
Mao Shi.
/Dawn breaks slowly and the sky becomes slightly brighter.
The old demons in the Five Cities and Twelve Mountains are ready to take action.
An obscure spatial fluctuation spread out, and behind the invisible void, there seemed to be something that overlapped with the real world.
The secret realm appears.
The present world here does not mean that the belt of the secret realm is unbuttoned and anyone can come in and out freely, but that the door can be opened only by holding the ink token of the tomb keeper.
Lu Bei has the artistic conception of the unity of heaven and man. His perception is strong and he can see many things that ordinary monks cannot see.
For example, the hazy portal in front of you, the secret realm is still sealed, and it cannot be seen clearly. It is not integrated into the world in a true sense, because it cannot be sealed if it does not exist.
Based on his not-so-rich common sense in the world of immortality, he suspected that the reason why the secret realm was isolated from the world was because the secret realm itself was sealed.
The leakage of the portal is closely rela