out the yin and yang colors, and took the time to make a little phoenix before the sun went down.

The black and white swimming fish spun around, and Huang Xiao instantly entered the state. Lu Bei subconsciously patted his butt. After Huang Xiao sat down cross-legged, he closed his eyes and sorted out the information gathered today.
Regardless of Lu Bei’s promiscuity wherever he goes, he is unscrupulous and stirs up trouble at every turn. In fact, he has made complete preparations before taking action.
Especially intelligence. When he was working in Wuzhou in his early years, he took the job of Xuanyin Division and knew the importance of intelligence.
After a while, Lu Bei formulated a simple and crude plan. He thought that it was completely foolproof and he felt that it was a sure thing.
/There is a beauty in his arms, he can see it but cannot touch it. His thoughts are divergent, and suddenly his eyes light up.
“Speaking of which, Han Miaojun’s beloved disciple is also named Gu Changqing. The XP system was led astray by the beauty palace master. For a while, he was still thinking about Taifu’s body.”
Lu Beile said: “I didn’t expect that she has the appearance of an empress. We can’t waste it. I’ll call her to the quiet room one day and point her out. Master, I will teach her step by step what Taoism is.”
Gu Changqing hates him so much that he clenches his teeth. When the time comes, he will use his identity as master to control him. The scene will be very interesting.
Then bring Han Miaojun and Han Suyan together to jointly suppress
“Wait a minute, there seems to be something wrong with this style of painting. Why are Senior Sister Zhan and her beloved disciple standing outside the quiet room?”
Lu Bei shuddered. He was not like this before. Suddenly his mind was full of yellow waste. It must be Jiang Suxin’s fault. Those who are close to ink are black. Jiang Suxin, as the previous Xuanwu, was also a book painter. She is black and yellow. If you get too close to him, you will inevitably be poisoned by him.
Case solved!
The next day, everyone set off.
As soon as Jiang Suxin took the position of General of the Qianyuan Kingdom, before her butt was warmed, Lu Bei took her out alone and became his number one lackey in the underworld.
Full of complaints.
But what could he do? He just left to repay Gu Changqing for his kindness.
The idol he admired became the bastard’s lackey, and Xue Yang and Qiu Yuan still refused to leave. This made Lu Bei very envious. Unlike his gang of thugs, who were afraid of his fists and only followed him without conscience.
A bunch of bastards, didn’t they notice his outstanding personality?
/The Underworld is so big that it is boundless. The Qianyuan Kingdom alone has a territory comparable to that of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom.
The nine countries combined definitely exceed the land area of ??the Kyushu Continent, not counting the mist-shrouded ocean or the vast wilderness to the north of the Buzhou Mountains.
The Qianyuan Kingdom and the Heavenly Demon Kingdom