re still 100 billion left, and the late-stage obsessive-compulsive disorder person expressed great relief.

He patiently stayed at Sanqing Peak and took out the Xuanwu Cauldron to sacrifice and refine the magic weapon. The group in the far west gained a lot and there were a lot of opportunities waiting to be developed.
For example, the Yin-Yang Island acquired from Gu Zongchen is similar to the Yin-Yang Creation Map. It can be used to strengthen the Yin-Yang Treasure Map by refining the principles of heaven and earth.
The Yin-Yang Creation Diagram is an acquired spiritual treasure, and the possibility of being promoted to an innate spiritual treasure is very slim. Lu Bei does not believe in evil and is determined to turn it into a Tai Chi Diagram. Even if the quantitative changes cannot be qualitative, he still wants to make it comparable to the innate spiritual treasures.
A lot of opportunities were used to strengthen the magic weapons. At the end of the training, there were only two harvests left in the far west.
Peacock tail feathers.
Bodhi tree.
Peacock feathers have other uses, but the ancient Bodhi tree is not the same. A dead tree that lives in vain, the Xuanwu Cauldron cannot be refined, and even the ‘Origin Dao Jie’ cannot see through its origin.
This is outrageous.
Lu Bei knew that the Xuanwu Cauldron had an upper limit, but the ancient Bodhi tree was already dead. It was only half-dead due to Peacock’s acquired Five Elements and Gu Zongchen’s supreme Dharma.
There is only one possibility. The ancient Bodhi tree is an innate thing, and it is more than just a spiritual root.
Lu Bei carved the mark of the soul and refined it by sacrificing the magic weapon. Under the burning of the phoenix flame, the bodhi tree slowly shrank and the concentrated essence turned emerald green.
But once the phoenix flames stopped, the bodhi tree returned to half-dead state, and Qinglong Yu’s vitality could not be saved.
The power of the Five Elements mastered by Lu Bei was average, and the yin and yang also lacked some charm. He successively recruited Han Miaojun and Yan Xiaoshuang, and used the star formation to deduce it, but still could not decipher the secret.
Entering Baoshan, I was confused.
/Lu Bei was used to it. Anyway, he never understood it. Otherwise, the two palace masters had pursuits. They opened up the starry sky in the small single room and studied hard and refused to give up.
Lu Bei was happy to have someone do it for him. After strengthening the magic weapon on hand, he returned to the secret realm of Zang Qianshan.
Ten days passed by and it was time for Hu Er to receive a reply from Li Gou.
/On this day, there is an official post on the forum. Version 3.0 will be launched in the early morning of September 1st. The brand new version will unlock more gameplay and give players an unprecedented experience.
“Hey, what kind of game is this? Come on, I’ve actually played it before?”
“It’s been ten thousand years. I have been exiled for ten thousand years. When I return, I will wash the sky with bloo