ongsun Yan quickly explained and picked up the passerby’s vest, just asking Lu Bei to see clearly and never wrongly accuse a good person.

“Old seniors are joking. Every grievance and debt has its owner. This sect leader is not an unreasonable person. You can leave. I won’t hit the old man.” Lu Bei said politely.
Gongsun Yan looked sad when he heard this. Thinking that Ji Han was about the same age as himself, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “Then I will leave.”
“I won’t send you far.”
The moment Gongsun Yan turned around, he closed his eyes tightly. At the same time, fist seals struck across the area.
Gongsun Yan and Ji Fu were lying side by side, not moving away, physically silent and emotionally stable.
Lu Bei stepped onto the Wusheng Gate and studied this powerful magic weapon.
/The two iron doors are woven with white bones, painted with a layer of black ink, and then painted with ghosts and monsters walking at night. The black mist is the sky, the blood is the ground, and the evil ghosts symbolizing sin are roaming among them. The bright colors are extremely visually impactful.
The acquired spiritual treasure level has many wonderful uses, and the most terrifying magical power is the calamity of the worshiper Xiao Wu’s decline.
In comparison, Xuanlong Demon Xiu Tuyuan’s “Five Emperors Great Demonic Seal” seems a bit petty, with demonic thoughts entering his body, full of desires, and far less threat than the small five deities of gods and humans.
The magic weapon is very good, but it’s too hot to handle. Whoever takes it will be the loser.
The Ji of the Holy Land of the Human Race was given to Qi Yan’s Ji, but looking at the complex international relations in the Kyushu Continent, it can be said that Qi Yan is a pawn in Emperor Ji’s attempt to rebuild the glory of the ancient country of Great Xia.
Lu Bei was still young and didn’t want to accidentally catch the cold, so he didn’t accept the magic weapon that was delivered to his door.
This thing has nothing to do with poor monks!
Lu Bei thought silently in his mind and kicked the door: “Senior Ji, stop pretending. With your ability to survive, that sword can’t kill you.”
After the words fell, Ji Fu, who was emotionally stable, opened his eyes and heard the old voice belonging to Ji Han.
Lu Bei is not surprised at all, but for this reason alone, the princess of the Ji family will not be able to taste the benefits of him.
“Sect Master Lu is very talented. I am sincerely convinced today. I just ask for a few days of grace to allow me to explain my funeral arrangements.” Ji Han said in admiration.
In just half a year, in the time it took a practitioner to take a nap, the difference in strength between the two was completely different.
Ji Han was not only amazed by Lu Bei’s qualifications, but also admired his character. Comparing his feelings with others, if he had such qualifications, he would have been arrogant for a long time and relied on his talents to look down upon the world.
But Lu Bei didn’t have any, and he didn’t even w