can’t choose your own birth. It’s natural to get your things back. All the mistakes are just too dark.”

Huang Xiao gritted his teeth, remembering his daughter’s misunderstanding, and became so angry that his voice changed: “That bastard is worse than a beast! Bastard! Extremely shameless!”
Lu Bei blinked. This was indeed the truth. He made all the mistakes because he was too dark to be a good person.
Therefore, if your mother-in-law has had enough fun scolding you today, please show your support and give some advice to the little yellow croaker. In the future, he will definitely double up and work like a cow or a horse to repay your kindness.
Please, the child is still young, give me another chance!
boom! ! !
The wind swept down the burning red palm, and directly took the head of Lu Bei’s neck. The five fingers gathered the light of the five elements, and the yin and yang of the palm and back were combined.
Lu Bei was so shocked that his pupils shrank suddenly. This blow, not to mention taking his life, was definitely a blow to death.
The golden light flashed, rushing into the void at great speed, swaying like a meteor, and suddenly arrived in the vast darkness.
Lu Bei touched his neck, touching with five fingersHumidity and heat, but not completely avoided, just a little bit, the head moved.
“No, it’s so cruel. Although I lied to your daughter, I have always been respectful to you.”
/He was talking to himself, and in the middle of his words, it seemed that he had deceived the mother and daughter, and would not be unjustly beaten.
Speaking of which, Lu Bei could just throw the blame on Zhulong and shirk that everything was the demon god’s plan. The second generation demon emperor was a human monk. Zhulong already knew that, and he, Lu, was just following orders.
In this way, Huang Yu couldn’t blame him, and he could just coax him and it would be over.
But who makes Rijiu Shengqing? He really can’t open his mouth. Now he wants to be an honest person.
The golden-red beam of light came towards the face, and the powerful impact was thousands of miles away. Beyond the space, there was a strange yin-yang and five elements resonance in the void, recreating around Lubei, and evolving into a red and fiery world of flames.
The scalding heat made Lu Bei’s mouth dry, and his spirit was in a daze. He was determined to win mercy by doing so, but he was not prepared to be so miserable.
Moreover, looking at Huang Xiao’s deadly stance, it’s hard to say whether he is soft-hearted or not, but his attack is not soft at all.
How unreasonable!
Lu Bei was a little unhappy. He admitted that the little yellow croaker was deceived by him. But Huang Xiao reaped the benefits, it was the Trinity, it was Yuanshi Shangqi, all the sweetness was gone, such a deadly move was clearly adding insult to injury.
It’s more or less a personal grudge.
Didn’t I just make you groan a few times? If you don’t live up to your expectations, why should you blame this sect leader?
Lu Bei snorted coldly, clenched his fists wit